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Measure A and the 710 (September 24, 2012)

As you are probably aware, an issue exists about the effect of Measure A on the Council’s ability to take a position against the proposed 710 tunnel. I do not believe legally or as a matter of public policy that Measure A constrains us from opposing the tunnel. However, at the August 13 City Council meeting, I moved that we formally oppose the tunnel at the same time that we opposed the San Rafael alternative routes. I could not get four additional votes from my Council colleagues on that part of the motion.
As the Mayor announced at the September 10 Council meeting, the City Council will discuss the tunnel route at a future public meeting. I understand this meeting will be held this Fall, probably before the end of October. I hope that, at that time, we will be further informed about (1) the status of the proposed tunnel route, and any upcoming milestones for Metro in its evaluation of 710 freeway extension alternatives; and (2) the City's options for taking a position with respect to the tunnel route. In the interim, legal counsel is reviewing the issues involving Measure A, which I expect may guide our discussion. Based on my understanding of METRO's timetable I am confident we will complete our analysis and have a full discussion, and the Council will have an opportunity to take a position, prior to any decisions by METRO about how to proceed. Thanks for your continued interest in this issue, and let us stay in touch going forward.
Steve Madison
Councilmember District 6


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