San Rafael Complete Streets Project

A Complete Street, as defined by the National Complete Streets Coalition (NCSC), is a street where the entire right-of-way is planned, designed, and operated for all modes of transportation and all users regardless of age or ability. Pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists of all ages and abilities must be able to safely move along and across a Complete Street. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, catch the bus, bike to work, and enjoy... continue reading »"San Rafael Complete Streets Project"

Playhouse District Colorado Initiative

April 2012, members of the Playhouse District Association (PDA) began looking for initiatives that would embrace Project for Public Spaces’ principles for creating great community places, particularly the concepts of have a vision and lighter, quicker, cheaper. One of the initiatives that surfaced was a pilot project for parklets on the north side of Colorado Boulevard in the block between Oakland and Madison Avenues. Learn more about the Playhouse District Colorado Inititive

Forum on Global Warming (Including Video)

Councilmember Steve Madison presented Pasadena’s first forum on global warming for the community at the Pasadena Convention Center. See the the complete presentation below. Presentation On Global Warming Images From The Global Warming Forum Global Warming Panel left to right:  Michael Gunson, PhD, Orbiting Carbon Observatory, OCO-2 Project Scientist + Global Change and Energy Program Manager; Fred Dock, Director of Transportation, City of Pasadena; Vince Bertoni, Director of Planning, City of Pasadena; Eric Walsh, MD, Director of Public Health, City... continue reading »"Forum on Global Warming (Including Video)"

Devils Gate Dam Project

Thomas Budinger of the LA County Department of Public Works has provided this update (October, 2012) Oct 15th - 19th Start and complete removal of approx. 5,000 Yds. Sediment to be placed at Johnson Field (Biologist will be present on site) and transport any green waste to Scholl Canyon Landfill (no more than 10 trucks per day) Oct 22nd - 26th Remove BMP’s, cleanup site, move out. (note, some maintenance on the low level gate operator will also be performed)... continue reading »"Devils Gate Dam Project"

La Loma Road Bridge Closed from July 2015-December 2016

THE LA LOMA ROAD BRIDGE WILL BE CLOSED FROM JULY 27-2015 TO DECEMBER 2016 Attending the " groundbreaking"  ceremony for the La Loma Bridge renovation were (L to R) Councilmember Steve Madison;  Julie Gutierrez, Assistant City Manager and Interim Public Works Director; Steve Wright, City Engineer;  Sue Mossman, Director, Pasadena Heritage and La Loma Bridge Advisory Committee Member. The bridge is expected to be operational by December, 2016.

710 Forum

Measure A and the 710 (September 24, 2012) As you are probably aware, an issue exists about the effect of Measure A on the Council’s ability to take a position against the proposed 710 tunnel. I do not believe legally or as a matter of public policy that Measure A constrains us from opposing the tunnel. However, at the August 13 City Council meeting, I moved that we formally oppose the tunnel at the same time that we opposed the... continue reading »"710 Forum"