Neighborhood Associations

Many active neighborhood associations are available for residents to connect more closely with their neighbors and receive support for their concerns.

Kewen Canyon Association

Miriam and Ray Quan
938 Kewen Road
Pasadena, CA 91108

Catalina/Mentor/Dale Association

Christle Balvin
671 S. Catalina Ave
Pasadena CA 91106

Arden Road Neighbors

Amy Kessel
1106 Arden Road
Pasadena CA 91106

South Allen Neighborhood Association

Barbara and Victor Kaleta
420 S. Allen Ave
Pasadena CA 91106

Oakdale/Rose Villa/Sierra Bonita Association

Julianne Worrell
1469 Rose Villa St.
Pasadena CA 91106

Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association

Tammy Silver
820 Oak Knoll Circle
Pasadena CA 91106

Madison Heights Neighborhood Association

John Latta
783 S. Oakland Avenue
Pasadena CA 91106

Greenwood/Allen Neighborhood Association

Al Cullen
385 S. Greenwood Ave.
Pasadena CA 91107

Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association

Jonathan Edewards
161 S Madison Ave #12
Pasadena CA 91101

Huntington Circle Neighborhood Group

Carol Chua
388 S. Lake Ave
Pasadena CA 91101

7 Streets East Neighborhood Association