Development News

Development News

New COVID-19 Clinical Trial Announced To Treat over 90% Of Patients With Underlying Medical Conditions

• April 27, 2020

PASADENA, Calif., April 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A new clinical trial is being...

Revolutionary Electric Scooter Designed by ArtCenter Professor, Funded by L.A. Times Owner, About to Hit the Streets

• January 16, 2020

ArtCenter Industrial Design Foundation Director Nathan Allen’s groundbreaking fat-wheeled electric...

Caltech Closes Out Another Winning (Academic) Season

• January 16, 2020

When the Princeton Review released its annual list of the...

EPA Taps Tetra Tech

• January 16, 2020

Tetra Tech Inc., the Pasadena-based engineering and consulting firm, will...

Economic Strategic Plan

Developed in 2012, the Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) established a baseline assessment of existing conditions and drivers of the local economy to help stakeholders and decision makers pursue and implement strategies to contribute to the City's future economic health.

A distinguished group of business leaders assessed the EDSP, reviewed Pasadena’s comparative advantages and developed an Economic Development Task Force Report containing a set of recommendations for the City Manager to review as various policies are brought to the City Council for consideration.

Throughout 2018, the Economic Development & Technology Committee will be meeting with stakeholders to assess whether the strategies pursued in support of the EDSP have been effective in enhancing Pasadena's business climate and ensuring the fiscal health of the city in a manner consistent with the City's character.

Economic Development Strategic Plan

Final Task Force Report