Dine Out Pasadena

Dine Out Pasadena boosts Pasadena's vibrant dining scene, supporting local restaurants and enhancing the city's commercial districts. By creating lively on-street dining spaces, Dine Out Pasadena promotes a sense of community, celebration, and economic vitality.

The Economic Development Division is launching a pilot program offering eligible restaurants the opportunity to apply for up to $45,000 in grant funds. These funds can be used to create new on-street dining areas or upgrade existing ones, allowing restaurants to attract more customers and enhance their dining options.

Read the Dine Out Pasadena Pilot Program Guidelines for complete details.

The application will close on July 1, 2024

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Important Dates

  • Applications open • May 28, 2024
  • Webinar Session 1 • June 5, 2024 • Register
  • Webinar Session 2 • June 18, 2024 • Register
  • Applications close • July 1, 2024

Eligible Applicants

Businesses that meet the following can apply:

  • Have an active Pasadena business license and are located within Pasadena City boundaries.
  • Operate in a location approved for on-street dining.
  • Independently owned, street level, storefront businesses (not part of a national chain or franchise).
  • Legally allowed to serve food in a sit-down format (not drive-through establishments).
  • Legally operating under all local, state, and federal laws and current on any and all taxes/fees/license owed to the City of Pasadena; do not have current or pending lawsuits; do not have any open code violations.
  • Can secure written approval from the respective property owner(s).
  • Meet all City insurance requirements.
  • Churches, schools, colleges, universities, government buildings and nonprofit offices are not eligible.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible businesses can apply for funds to complete the following types of projects:

  • New outdoor dining structures. Including costs for demolition, design, manufacturing, and installation.
  • Upgrades and retrofits to existing outdoor dining structures. Including costs for design, manufacturing, installation.

Ineligible Expenses

  • Reimbursement for previously installed on street dining, demolition, maintenance or permit fees.
  • Furniture, fixtures, or equipment, e.g. freestanding tables, chairs, heaters.
  • Structures or improvements that do not comply with design and materials standards building code

Eligibility Map

Search your address to learn if your business has been pre-screened as an eligible location.

Dine Out Pasadena Eligibility Map Graphic
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