New COVID-19 Clinical Trial Announced To Treat over 90% Of Patients With Underlying Medical Conditions

PASADENA, Calif., April 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A new clinical trial is being announced today that could significantly increase the rate of recovery for COVID-19 patients with underlying health conditions and save lives! Circularity Healthcare's trial will help some of the most at-risk patients suffering from complications due to diabetes, poor circulation, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. The trial will involve the use of Circularity's already FDA-approved drug and IDE device D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) - a non-toxic, non-invasive microcirculation transdermal device.  It is the first biotech... continue reading »"New COVID-19 Clinical Trial Announced To Treat over 90% Of Patients With Underlying Medical Conditions"

Revolutionary Electric Scooter Designed by ArtCenter Professor, Funded by L.A. Times Owner, About to Hit the Streets

ArtCenter Industrial Design Foundation Director Nathan Allen’s groundbreaking fat-wheeled electric scooter called the Stator and that speeds up to 30 mph goes on sale this month. The electric scooter attracted attention early after going viral online. The “micromobile” vehicle sports a cool, energy-efficient design and caught the interest of biotech billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiung, who owns the Los Angeles Times and invests in a variety of cutting edge concepts. Read more...

Caltech Closes Out Another Winning (Academic) Season

When the Princeton Review released its annual list of the best U.S. colleges, Caltech made the cut again, ranking first in the “Best Value Colleges” category, first in “Students Study Most” category, second in “Best Career Placement,’ fourth in “Best Science Labs,” and fifth in “Best Value Colleges Without Aid.” Caltech finished at No. 12 in U.S. News and World Report’s National Universities ranking for 2020, tying it with Dartmouth College, a solid citizen of Old Ivy. But when asked... continue reading »"Caltech Closes Out Another Winning (Academic) Season"

Arrowhead Hits the Mark

From a failing company to a record high, Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc. is back and better than ever. As of Nov. 21, 2019, Arrowhead stock is trading at a record high of $49 a share. It has a new slate of drugs that use slightly different molecular technology to silence disease-causing genes and is targeting a range of different diseases. Read more...

New Boarding School Set

Education First, a Swiss education company with more than 52,000 employees in at least 114 countries, broke ground last month in Pasadena on its first Los Angeles-area campus. When it opens in September after a $90 million renovation and expansion, the 15-acre EF Academy campus on Howard Street will be the first large-scale boarding school to open in the Los Angeles region in nearly 100 years. Read more...

Pasadena Regional Report: A Great Place for Business

Business life in Pasadena continues on a rosy path. With the breadth of amenities available, from transit-friendly services and walkability scores in the top 5% of the nation, to cultural landmarks, and shopping and dining flavors from every corner of the globe, Pasadena continues to attract a variety of businesses, shoppers, and visitors. With a diverse and thriving employment base, Pasadena is home to some of the most successful companies in the world as well as best-in-class institutions like Art... continue reading »"Pasadena Regional Report: A Great Place for Business"

Kaiser Permanente’s New Medical School Will Waive Tuition for Its First 5 Classes

Kaiser Permanente, the California-based health system that is preparing to open one of the few American medical schools not connected to a university, was set to announce Tuesday that it would waive tuition for every student in its first five graduating classes. Kaiser Permanente, which has its own hospitals, clinics, doctors and insurance plan, is following the New York University School of Medicine, which announced last year that it would eliminate tuition for all current and future students. Like N.Y.U.,... continue reading »"Kaiser Permanente’s New Medical School Will Waive Tuition for Its First 5 Classes"