Where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in Pasadena, Calif.

Located about 11 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena has a reputation in California for cultural elegance and culinary conservatism. Travelers come for the upscale boutiques in compact, metro-accessible Old Pasadena; the city’s oak-lined boulevards and Arts and Crafts-period bungalows; and institutions such as the Norton Simon Museum, the Gamble House, and the Huntington Library in neighboring San Marino. They don’t usually factor Pasadena’s food into their plans, which is a shame, because the second-oldest city in L.A. County has more to offer than historic hauteur. Consider the following: a famed diner, a spot for Indonesian small plates and noodle soup, and a quintessentially Californian restaurant featuring seasonal produce and pasta.

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