Science & Technology

At its core Pasadena is a science city. Between institutional heavyweights like Caltech and JPL/NASA, as well as a thriving innovation ecosystem, it’s easy to see why Pasadena is regarded as the epicenter for discovery and the city for science.

Spotlight on Bioscience

Pasadena is a premier hub for the bioscience industry in the LA region. By establishing a presence here, bioscience companies can take advantage of our collaborative ecosystem that accelerates their speed to market and supports end-to-end discovery.

Pasadena Economic Development is actively supporting the industry by convening stakeholders, assisting with site selection, amending regulations to be more life science friendly, and more. To participate in expanding Pasadena’s biotech cluster contact

a scientist working in the lab

Industry Figures

  • Life science is a major economic force with an annual economic output of $61.5 billion across the LA region.
  • 67% of bioscience careers do not require a college education. Contrary to common misconceptions, most jobs in the bioscience field do not require an advanced degree.
  • The average annual wage for bioscience careers is $94,728. These family-sustaining wages are accessible to a range of workers.
  • 65% of bioscience workers spend 3-5 days per week working in an office, compared to 33% in other industries. Bioscience is a more workplace and people-dependent sector.
  • Demand for space in the bioscience industry is high. Pasadena and the greater San Gabriel Valley have a bioscience vacancy rate of just 0.8%.


Over 300 science and tech companies have planted their flag in Pasadena. Whether your company is a startup or established, in life science or tech consumer services, add your company to the science & tech map to let others know you are part of Pasadena’s community of innovators.

Pasadena’s technology companies are hiring! Innovate Pasadena’s job board is a great resource where employers can find talent and job seekers can find great industry jobs.

Innovation Partners

Pasadena's reputation as a thriving startup and tech ecosystem is strengthened by its local resources and partners in innovation.

Higher Education

Pasadena has produced one of the highest concentrations of Nobel Laureates in the world. Renowned institutions such as Caltech, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena City College and the new Kaiser School of Medicine are a breeding ground for innovative and entrepreneurial minds.