Notice of Availability of Surplus Land

City of Pasadena Notice of Availability of Surplus Land

Pursuant to the provisions of California Government Code Section 54220 et seq. (the “Act”), the City of Pasadena (City) hereby notifies those entities designated in Section 54222 of the Act of the availability for lease or purchase of the following City-owned land for the purposes authorized in the Act, which land the City intends to declare surplus before the City takes action to dispose of it consistent with the Act and the City’s policies or procedures

For information on the properties please view the following link.
Notice of Availability - Surplus Land

NOTE: The properties listed in the NOA are currently subject to the Pasadena Civic Center Request for Proposal.  In accordance with the Act, negotiations with respondents to the RFP have been paused pending the City’s compliance with the ACT.  For a more detailed description on the Surplus Properties please click on the link that directs you to the June 2019 RFP along with additional background documents that identify zoning, historic preservation, and other site requirements.