Ficus Tree Community Meeting

Pasadena’s Green Street is lined with a collection of mature Ficus, Ficus microcarpa, trees. Ficus trees’ large shade canopy adds environmental and placemaking value to the City. However, Ficus tree’s aggressive root system can cause hardscape damage, and the zero setback design of Green Street, where the building frontage comes directly to the public right-of-way, often places existing buildings and future development in conflict with Ficus trees.

Given the benefits and challenges these trees present, the City is seeking community input about whether Ficus trees are appropriate for their respective environment and should continue to be planted.

The City is inviting public input on this topic. A community meeting will be held on July 25, 2018 at 6:00 PM at the Central Library’s Donald R. Wright Auditorium. A community survey to gather feedback is provided below.

The survey will close by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 1, 2018.

*Update: the Department of Public Works is presenting a report to the Urban Forestry Advisory Committee (UFAC) regarding the effort to evaluate the designated tree species for Green Street. The report will be presented at the Wednesday, September 12th UFAC meeting, at City Yards located at 233 W Mountain Street, in Suite 220. The information report about this item is available on the UFAC webpage:

Ficus Tree Community Meeting

PLEASE NOTE: the feedback gathered through this discussion will not result in the removal of any live, healthy trees.