Financial Overview

The General Fund is the primary operating fund of the City and is supported by large variety of revenue sources including taxes, license fees, permit fees, charges for services, fines, forfeitures, investment earnings, rental income and a variety of other miscellaneous sources. Through these revenues the General Fund supports Public Safety, Public Works, Community Services, Administration, Non-Departmental and Debt Service.

Doing Business

Introduce your product or service: Start with the Purchasing office staff. Staff is available to explain the City’s purchasing policies and procedures, as well as to assist in adding your company to the City’s bid notification system. Your business commodity information will be used to potentially match you to specific goods or services advertised in the City’s bid notification system.

Operating Budget

Operating Budgets are prepared on a fiscal year basis for the period commencing July 1st. The budget represents the City’s spending plan and serves as an expenditure guideline for all City operations including general city services as well as city utility enterprise operations.

24/7 Fraud Hotline

The City of Pasadena is committed to conducting its affairs ethically and in compliance with the law. We take pride in our employees and the high quality services we provide to the community.

The Internal Audit Manager will investigate or refer to appropriate authorities all complaints received by the City related to or waste. Complaints pertaining to City employees in the areas of employee relations, discrimination, harassment, safety, workers’ compensation fraud, and related personnel matters will be forwarded to the Human Resources Director for appropriate handling and investigation, which may include the Police Department and/or outside investigators, depending on the nature of the issue and whether criminal conduct is alleged.

Report Fraud or call (626)-744-7448