Doing Business with the City

This portal will list contracting opportunities being advertised to solicit bids or proposals.  Click on any "Open" opportunity listed below to review or download the solicitation.  From there you can register your company or, if you're already registered, subscribe to the City of Pasadena.  Vendors that subscribe to the City of Pasadena will be notified of opportunities that match their NIGP (National Institute of Governmental Purchasing) product category code. When you register, you may also indicate if you are able to provide assistance to the City in the event of an emergency.

The City of Pasadena will be transitioning to a new eProcurement System (OpenGov).  Vendors are encouraged to start registering in this system to do business with the City.

Separately, you can click on this link to go to detailed instructions for registering and using the new system.  By registering, your company will be notified of bidding opportunities for the goods and services you provide.

Introduce your Product or Service

Start with the Purchasing office staff. Staff is available to explain the City’s purchasing policies and procedures, as well as to assist in adding your company to the City’s bid notification system. Your business commodity information will be used to potentially match you to specific goods or services advertised in the City’s bid notification system.

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

View below the City’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, effective April 28, 2022:

2023 JPL and City of Pasadena High-Tech Conference

JPL and the City of Pasadena High-Tech Conference 9-6-2023

Insurance Requirements

Please click below to view the City’s minimum insurance requirements, effective May 28, 2021:

Bus and Transportation Rev. 06/01/2021
Construction Contracts Rev. 06/01/2021
General (Most Contracts) Rev. 06/01/2021
Information Technology Rev. 06/01/2021
Instructors Rev. 06/01/2021
Lessees (Long-Term) Rev. 06/01/2021
Professional Services Rev. 06/01/2021
Rental of Facilities Rev. 06/01/2021
Unmanned Aerial System Rev. 06/01/2021

Online Services

Year-End Deadline: the City of Pasadena fiscal year ends on June 30, 2023. Please upload all invoices for June 2023 or earlier services, materials and supplies by Thursday, July 27, 2023

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Formal Procedures

There are two types of formal procedures: Competitive Bidding and Competitive Selection.Competitive Bidding is used to procure labor, materials and supplies of $25,000 or more. The major components of Competitive Bidding include the following:

  • Use of Bid Specifications which include standard and technical requirements
  • Contract award based on lowest responsive and responsible bidder ;
  • Bid Security in the amount of 5% of the bid price;
  • 1.75% Local vendor preference for material and supply purchases;
  • No negotiation of contract terms;
  • Performance and/or Payment Bonds;
  • General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance

Competitive Selection is used for professional or unique service in excess of $25,000. The main features of Competitive Selection include the following:

  • Use of Request for Proposals or /Request for Qualifications to select vendors
  • Contract award based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to experience of firm, and project team, references, and price
  • 5% Local vendor preference
  • 5% Small/Micro business preference*
  • Professional Errors & Omissions Insurance as well as General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance may be required.

Vendors that have been certified by the State of California as a small or micro-business shall receive a 5% preference. Vendors can apply for certification as a small/micro business by obtaining an application on the State of California, Department of General Service’s website, The City of Pasadena only accepts small business certifications from the State of California. Small businesses must provide evidence of certification from the State if claiming such preference.

Informal Procedures

  • Informal procedures are used whenever the City contracts for labor, materials, supplies or services less than $25,000.
  • Informal bids are obtained via fax, e-mail or through our electronic bidding system.
  • Selection may be based on criteria other than price
  • 5% Local Pasadena preference
  • General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance may be required
  • The City has two methods for handling informal purchases, either through the issuance of a Purchase Order or with a City purchasing card.
  • Purchase Orders are approved and issued by the Purchasing office. Each Purchase Order indicates what is being purchased, the price and terms and conditions.
  • Standard payment terms are Net 30.
  • All deliveries shall be sent Freight on Board (F.O.B.) destination
  • Evidence of insurance will be required for services on City premises prior to the issuance of the Purchase Order.
  • Purchasing cards operate just like a MasterCard® credit card. However, certain dollar limits and merchant category restrictions apply.

Unauthorized Work /Purchase Orders:

Except for emergencies, or other authorized exemptions, no work shall be performed and no purchases shall be made prior to the issuance of an authorized Purchase Order number and receipt of a signed acknowledgement from the vendor. Any unauthorized work/purchases will be void and will not be considered an obligation for payment by the City. Invoices without a valid Purchase Order may be returned to the vendor unpaid. The City is not responsible for any unauthorized work or purchase that does not comply with the City’s purchasing policies and procedures.

Protest Procedures

  1. Prior to contract award and no more than ten working days (working days are Monday through Friday) after the bid opening, any responsive bidder who has submitted a bid may file a protest with the Purchasing Administrator.
  2. All protests must be in writing, dated, with the specific name of the bid, signed by an authorized representative of the company and must contain clear and complete statements of the reason(s) for the protest; including citing the law(s), regulations or procedures on which the protest is based. It is the sole responsibility of the aggrieved bidder/vendor to provide all necessary facts and evidence to support the written protest.
  3. The Purchasing Administrator will review such protest and issue a written decision within ten working days of receipt of the written protest. During this procedure the City shall not proceed with an award until such time that the decision is given in writing to the aggrieved bidder.
  4. Any appeal of the Purchasing Administrator’s decision shall be made to the Director of Finance prior to the final award. The Director of Finance decision shall be binding and final.
  5. In circumstances of urgent need and when it is in the best interest of the City to do so, the City Manager may dispense with the protest procedure.
  6. Protests are to be mailed or hand delivered in a form requiring proof of delivery to the attention of the Purchasing Administrator at the following address: 100 N. Garfield, Room S348, Pasadena, CA 91109
  7. In no event shall a protest be considered if all bids are rejected and/or after the award of a contract.
  8. Any bid protest that does not comply with the process provided for in this section shall not be reviewed.

The City of Pasadena’s Living Wage Ordinance, Pasadena Municipal Code Chapter 4.11 requires that contractors providing labor or services to the City under contracts in excess of $25,000 pay no less than the City’s Living Wage to all employees who spend any of their time providing labor or delivering services to the City.

Contractors that fail to comply with the provisions of the Pasadena Living Wage Ordinance may have their contract terminated and be subject to other penalties as stated in Pasadena Municipal Code Chapter 4.11.

Wage Rate

Additionally, in each January thereafter the Living Wage rate shall be adjusted by the change in the Consumer Price Index, for the Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County area, for the most recently available 12 month period. Accordingly, current City contractors will be required to adjust wage rates no later than July 1st of the current calendar year, to remain in compliance.

YearTotal Living Wage
Rate (no benefits)
Percent Increase over
the Previous Year
With Medical Benefit
2023 $16.55 7.4% $14.07
2022 $15.40 3.8% $13.09
2021 $14.83 1.6% $12.61
2020 $14.60 3.1% $12.41
2019 $14.16 3.8% $12.04
2018 $13.64 2.8% $11.60
2017 $13.27 1.9% $11.28
2016 $13.03 0.9% $11.07
2015 $12.91 1.3% $10.97
2014 $12.74 1.1% $10.83

Additional Requirements

The Living Wage Ordinance requires employers to notify employees who spend any of their time providing labor or delivering services to the City of Pasadena who make less than twelve dollars ($12) per hour of their possible right to the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) under § 32 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, 26 U.S.C. § 32, and making available to such employees forms required to secure advance EITC payments.


Contractors subject to the Living Wage Ordinance will be required to evidence compliance with the Ordinance by submitting payroll records as requested by the City.  Each record shall include the full name of each employee performing labor or providing services under the contract; job classification; rate of pay and benefit rate.

Supersession By Collective Bargaining Agreement

On August 4, 2008, the Pasadena City Council amended the Living Wage Ordinance such that the provisions of the Living Wage Ordinance may be waived in a bona fide collective bargaining agreement, but only if the waiver is explicitly set forth in clear and unambiguous terms.  If this provision applies, you must provide a copy of the collective bargaining agreement to the City.

Prevailing Wage Rate Projects

If there is a difference between the Pasadena Living Wage and Prevailing Wage rates for similar classifications of labor, the contractor and his subcontractors shall pay no less than the highest wage rate.