First Source Local Hiring

With the goal of increasing employment opportunities for Pasadena residents, the City Council established the First Source Hiring Ordinance in October, 2004. The ordinance is the result of considerable concern, voiced by the community, that local residents were not being employed for major private construction projects in Pasadena. Among the elements of the ordinance is the establishment of a program to encourage, and in some cases require, developers of construction projects to hire locally (City of Pasadena) for skilled and unskilled labor.


Antonio Watson
Department of Finance
100 N. Garfield, S348
Pasadena, CA 91109
Phone: (626) 744-6755

Job Seekers

Please note: this is not for a City (government) job or contract. After being referred to a contractor, if you are hired, you would be an employee of the company or contractor that hires you.

Pasadena’s First Source Local Hiring Program is compiling lists of residents who are interested in construction work to refer to developers and contractors. Through this list, the program makes referrals to contractors that participate in the City’s Local Hiring efforts through Pasadena First Buy Local.


To be eligible for this program, you must reside within the Pasadena city boundaries. During the registration process, your street name and number will be reviewed for eligibility.

Register Online

The City’s online registry allows you to create and manage your First Source Local Hiring account.

Referral Process

As construction employment opportunities become available, through local hiring agreements, City staff will forward the list of names and contact information for requested a trade(s) to the requesting contractor or developer. To be fair to all registrants, the City neither recommends nor discourages the hiring of individual residents. Rather it provides the contractor or developer a complete list of names. The contractor or developer determines who is hired.


To participate in referrals, you must register yourself in the First Source Local Hiring database.

Developer Participation

Developers can boost their bottom line while providing jobs to qualified local residents when they participate in Pasadena’s First Source Hiring Program.

Voluntary Participation

The tax rebate for developers voluntarily participating is one-half of the actual salary and benefits paid to each Pasadena resident, not to exceed 75% of the construction tax paid. For example, a project with a construction value of $5,000,000 could be entitled to rebate of up to $56,250.

Validation of a contractor’s claims is conducted through the review of certified payroll records and on-site inspections and interviews. In addition, a Voluntary Local Hiring agreement is executed between the City and the Developer.