Pasadena First Buy Local


Promote the local economy by identifying Local Purchasing, Contracting and Hiring opportunities; encourage local business enterprises to make bids and proposals for city contracts, and promote the local hiring of Pasadena residents.

Mission Objectives

  • Conduct local outreach to identify and register local businesses (4.08.015) and residents for job referrals (14.80).
  • Identify and Promote Local Procurement & Contracting opportunities for Local Businesses (4.08.015).
  • Identify and Promote Local Hiring opportunities for the hiring of Pasadena residents (14.80).
  • Support and promote the application of local preferences on competitively bid contracts where applicable by city ordinance (4.08.046; and 4.08.048).
  • Create Strategic Partnerships to advance the City’s Local Procurement Initiative.


Antonio Watson
Department of Finance
100 N. Garfield, S348
Pasadena, CA 91109
Phone: (626) 744-6755



The ongoing technical assistance referrals for local businesses is discussed in objective five of the Operations Document as the primary focus for strategic partnerships. It is designed to develop internal and external relationships that support the services necessary to advance local procurement, contracting, and hiring efforts. Staff will seek strategic partnerships with technical assistance providers to establish necessary support components for local businesses seeking to do business with the City of Pasadena to include Finance, State Small Business Certification, and Business Development Workshops. State of California Small Business Certification

State of California Certification

The City of Pasadena offers a 5% preference to businesses for being certified as a small business with the State of California on Request for Proposals. The links and instructions below will help you to understand the ancillary benefits to being certified with the State, eligibility requirements, and instructions for initiating the application process.

Technical Assistance


Part of objective two of the Operations Document is to disseminate information regarding economic opportunities to local businesses interested in doing business with the City, and residents interested in construction job referrals; and assist city departments, contractors and developers in identifying local businesses and residents interested in economic opportunities. To support this ongoing mission objective the various activities below are designed to institute consistent outreach methods within the city’s procurement processes, and provide outreach for contractors conducting local hiring. It may be important to note that the outreach to businesses is designed to begin with Business Licensing. Contact is made to local businesses with an active city business license. While the contract and hiring results are reported annually to the full City Council, below is a report of the outreach activity conducted.

Business Matching (One-on-one Meetings)

These activities create one-on-one interviews (introductions) between local businesses, city departments, and procurement partners; and between residents interested in construction jobs and contractors.

Informal Bid Opportunities

These activities are carried out during for potential opportunities that fall below the bid threshold (under $25,000). Local Businesses with an active business license, and have matching products or services are contacted to gage their interest in the potential opportunity.

Formal Bid Opportunities (Emailed Notifications)

The city uses an online e-Procurement portal to disseminate bid notifications. Local businesses interested in bidding on projects with the City of Pasadena are encouraged to register their company information to receive emailed notifications for opportunities that require a formal bid process.

Bid Opportunities Online

Construction Job Referrals

These referrals are carried out for contractors and/or developers participating in the city’s Local Hiring Ordinance for private development projects; or participating in the city’s good-faith effort to conduct local hiring on a public project. All referrals are initiated by the contractor or developer and are typically based on an actual job opening.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is a combination community members, local organizations, and City departments. The primary purpose is to provide advice and recommendations to Department of Finance on local participation to maximizing local hiring, and local subcontracting and procurement efforts. To forward to the Department of Finance comments received from the community.

Technical Assistance

Local businesses in need of technical assistance will be matched to the City’s strategic partners for services including Finance; State Small Business Certification; and Business Development.

Reports & Newsletters