Adopted Budget 2017

The FY 2017 Adopted Budget totals $757.5 million overall. This includes an operating budget of $634.4 million, capital
appropriations of $65.4 million and appropriations of $57.7 million for the City’s three operating companies—Rose Bowl Operating Company, Pasadena Center Operating Company and Pasadena Community Access Corporation.

The City’s General Fund is the most important fund in that it provides for most basic City services including public safety, public works, parks and recreation. The Adopted Budget for the General Fund for FY 2017 is $237.8 million with estimated revenues of $237.8 million.

The Adopted Operating Budget includes $8.3 million of enhancements, primarily in the Water, Power and Building Services
funds where corresponding revenues are available to offset the increases.

Enhancements in the General Fund are more modest, totaling $1.3 million, which accounts for roughly 0.55% of the overall adopted General Fund budget.