The Pasadena Fire Department (PFD) consists of 185 full time employees, 153 shift personnel, 32 Bureau / Administrative personnel.The personnel assigned to the Operations Division are divided between three shifts/ platoons (A, B, C) of 51 personnel staffing engines, trucks and rescue ambulances; that total also includes one platoon commander (battalion chief) per shift. The emergency units respond from eight strategically located fire stations within the City 24 hours per day, each and every day.

Operations personnel work a 24 hour schedule, starting at 7 am until 7 am the next morning. The PFD responded to 15,846 emergency responses in 2009. The responses were for 2,833 fire responses, 11,861 medical responses and 1,152 additional responses. Additional responses include Hazardous Materials incidents, Urban Search and Rescue incidents, and General Public Assists. In addition to the large number of emergency responses, personnel assigned to Operations Division also conduct fire prevention inspections, public education demonstrations, hydrant maintenance, station maintenance and a minimum 2 hours of training daily.The Pasadena Fire and Environmental Safety Division provides for review of construction plans, new or remodeling. Issuance of permits as required by City of Pasadena codes. Periodic inspection of all occupancies within the City except single family dwellings. Annual brush surveys, hazardous materials disclosure permits and hazardous waste tracking. Investigation of fires to determine cause and origin and all other required fire prevention activities.

Pasadena Fire Department Management provides overall planning, control, and management of all fire department activities and staff support for all divisions. This includes disaster services planning, financial management, training, media relations, and general administration.

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