Auxiliary Communications Service


The Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) is directly affiliated with the City of Pasadena Fire Department and, when authorized, has the capacity to provide reliable disaster assessment information to the Pasadena Emergency Operations Center from designated Disaster Information Sites.


ACS membership is available to those individuals who:

  • Are at least 21 years of age; and
  • Reside in the City of Pasadena or work in/for the City of Pasadena; and
  • Are U.S. citizens; and
  • Possess a valid California Driver’s License; and
  • Hold a valid amateur radio license with a minimum operator privilege rating of Technician; and
  • Own a portable HAM radio capable of operating on 70cm and 2m to access the PFD ACS channels; and
  • Successfully complete the PFD ACS interview process.
  • Successfully complete the City of Pasadena Human Resources and Police Department background investigation process.

Participation Requirements

ACS is under the direction and control of the Pasadena Fire Department. It is not a club

  • Attendance at 2 regularly scheduled meetings/year
  • Participation in 4 scheduled radio nets/year. Check-in must be by radio (unless otherwise approved by PFD ACS staff) or by telephone only if your radio is out of range of the repeater
  • Participation in special events
  • Successful completion of all required training classes and certifications


Download the application packet to apply.