Disaster Preparedness

In the wake of large-scale disasters throughout the world, the Pasadena Fire Department reminds all residents to be prepared for the type of disasters and emergencies that could affect Southern California.

The County of Los Angeles, Chief Executive Office, Office of Emergency Management, has published a comprehensive Emergency Survival Guide as part of the County’s Emergency Survival Program, www.espfocus.org.  This guide is available for your use by clicking on the adjacent PDF document.  The guide was produced by the County’s Office of Emergency Management http://lacoa.org  in cooperation with the California Emergency Management Agency, FEMA and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Use this handy guide to help better prepare yourself, family, loved ones, your pets and neighbors for the next emergency.

Disaster Information Sites

When a major earthquake or other disaster occurs, chances are that communications will be challenged. Cell towers may fall; electricity for TVs and computers could be out; media outlets may struggle to get out information and cell phone batteries will only last about a day without re-charging.

How will you find out critical emergency information from the City if phones, TVs, computers and the Internet don’t work?

The City has designated ALL Pasadena Fire Stations to serve as “Disaster Information Sites” where key emergency information can be distributed in person to the public and/or for us to receive info from neighborhood representatives for use at the City’s Emergency Operations Center.

Disaster Information Sites will be activated during widespread emergencies or disasters when other traditional methods of communication become unreliable or inoperable. Special signs will be posted directing you to the sites.

Disaster Information Sites will be staffed only for emergency public information purposes. Although located outside our Fire Stations, these sites will not be distribution points for food, water or other emergency assistance.