Fire Operations

Fire Operations Bureau is managed by a Deputy Chief, EMS Battalion Chief and 3 Operations Battalion Chiefs. The areas of responsibility in Fire Operations include Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Verdugo Dispatch, Arson Investigations, Social Media, Emergency Operations Center support, Type 1 Urban Search and Rescue for Cal OES Region, Strike Team/Mutual Aid and Special Events. The Bureau is responsible for all field operations.

Fire Operations has a unique working schedule that consist of 2 consecutive 24-hour shifts (48 hours) that are divided into 3 platoons A, B, C. covering the city 365 days a year. Under the direction of the Deputy Fire Chief of Operations there are 51 sworn personnel who staff 8 fire stations across the city. Daily staffing consists of (1) Battalion Chief, (10) Fire Captains, (10) Fire Engineers, (30) Firefighters and Firefighter Paramedics.

Fire Operations responds to daily emergencies with 8 engines, 2 Trucks and 5 Rescue Ambulances. Our Fire engines are capable of carrying 500 gallons of water. Our 2 trucks are tiller-driven aerials with 100-foot aerial ladders. Our 5 rescue ambulances that are staffed with 2 firefighter paramedics. We also cross staff several additional response vehicles: Type-1 Heavy Urban Search and Rescue. Water Tender, Brush Patrol, Strike Team Command vehicle, and Rescue Cushion.

Deputy Fire Chief Tim Sell

Deputy Fire Chief
Tim Sell

Chief Sell was hired by the Pasadena Fire Department in 2007 after he sought a career change.  Shortly after finishing probation, he went to Paramedic School and really enjoyed his time as a paramedic on the ambulance.  A couple years later, he promoted to Fire Captain.  In early 2020, Chief Sell was promoted to Battalion Chief and was assigned to the EMS Division.  Between his responsibilities as the EMS Chief or the COVID pandemic, his appreciation for the job and the people he worked with has grown immensely.  In July 2021, Chief Sell was promoted to Deputy Fire Chief.

Emergency Medical Services

Provides 24 hour emergency paramedic ambulance response; treatment and transportation of ill and injured in Pasadena; planning and staffing of medical coverage for special events; and related activities. Emergency medical response is performed together with Fire Operations.

Fire & Rescue

Performs all duties related to emergency response (fire, rescue, medical, and hazard abatement), non-emergency service calls, fire prevention and public education programs, in-service training for all personnel, and maintains fire station apparatus, quarters grounds, and equipment.

Special Operations

Urban Search and Rescue Team are experts in the fields of collapsed building, trench and confined space rescue. The team is rated as a Type 1 Heavy Rescue, which is the highest standard for Urban Search & Rescue that receive certification from the State of California Office of Emergency Services.

The team operates out of Pasadena Fire Station #32

Community Programs

Pasadena Fire Department provides and operates multiple public education programs for the community. Keeping our neighborhoods safe is a top priority of the City of Pasadena and public safety is the paramount duty of the Pasadena Fire Department. We are dedicated to ensuring every city resident is safe at home, at work and at school.

Safety & Educational Programs

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