Professional Standards


The members of the Pasadena Fire Department take pride in our commitment to professional service through the progressive development of our skills, knowledge, and abilities. All members of the department will conduct  themselves in a manner conforming to the highest moral and ethical standards.


We are responsible to each other and the community we serve.


We are honest and fair in our interactions with our community and with each other. We uphold the highest standards of respect, professionalism, and excellence.


We adapt to the dynamic needs of our community, the organization, and  the environment.


  • Recognition is one of the best ways to boost morale and improve work ethic. The department strives to provide a supportive environment for its employees. If you feel that a member of the Pasadena Fire Department deserves to be recognized for their impact on you or your family members, please take the time to tell us of your encounter. We  would like the opportunity to recognize them.


  • On occasion an employee may lose sight of the Pasadena Fire Department Values by not performing at a standard that is expected. For that reason, the Professional Standards Unit was created to handle and investigate such claims of substandard treatment, performance or questionable conduct.
  • Please take moment and let us know about your experience. The Pasadena Fire Department is committed to conducting a thorough investigation into every complaint received. All investigations are conducted objectively, while maintaining public confidence and Department integrity.

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