Homeowner Rehabilitation Programs

Under One Roof (NEW)

Program launched for Income-Qualified Homeowners in Pasadena, California.


HOME Enhancement Loan Program (HELP)

The HOME Enhancement Loan Program (HELP) can provide loans to low-income single-family owner-occupied households for necessary repairs and rehabilitation to bring their house up to code, eliminate critical health and safety concerns, and increase efficiency and accessibility thereby enhancing livability and preservation of the home. Loans up $100,000 at 3% simple interest with a 20-year term and deferred payments. This program is federally-funded through the HOME Investment Partnership ACT (HOME).


Maintenance Assistance and Services to Homeowners (MASH)

This program provides services to low-income senior or disabled homeowners who are not able to perform deferred maintenance on their owner-occupied, single-family homes. The MASH program is comprised of:

  1. Exterior painting, trim work, and minor repairs
  2. Weed abatement
  3. Code violation problems such as broken glass and screens, and rat proofing
  4. Installation of wheelchair ramps

For further information, please contact the MASH program, City of Pasadena, (626) 744-7620.

For further information on these programs, please contact Jim Wong, Senior Project Manager, Housing Department at (626) 744-8316 or email at jwong@cityofpasadena.net