2nd Unit ADU Program Announcement

The Pasadena Second Unit ADU Program is a new affordable housing initiative that incentivizes homeowners to create an affordable rental unit on their property. The program offers homeowners “Comprehensive Assistance” for financing, designing, permitting, and constructing a new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in the City of Pasadena.  Specifically the program provides financial assistance to build an ADU through new construction or garage conversion.  Assistance is also available to rehabilitate and bring up to code an existing unpermitted “granny flat” or illegal... continue reading »"2nd Unit ADU Program Announcement"

Emergency Rental Assistance Notification

Trouble Paying Rent Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic? The City of Pasadena’s Housing Department can help. The Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program is available for eligible households financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ERA can provide grants for up to three (3) months worth of past due rent, not to exceed $4,500 total. This program is available to renters residing in Pasadena, who have a current lease, and have notified their landlords of their inability to pay due to... continue reading »"Emergency Rental Assistance Notification"

Landlord-Tenant Newsletter December 2019 issue

Landlord News New State Laws Limit Rent Increases, Require Just Cause Eviction, Include Rental Assistance as Source of Income in Prohibiting Discrimination The State of California recently passed AB 1482, which caps rent increases in areas without rent control to 5% + the local inflation factor, currently 3.3% in Los Angeles County. The bill also prohibits eviction without just cause. Statewide, this law takes effect on January 1, 2020. However, the City of Pasadena has adopted an ordinance bringing AB... continue reading »"Landlord-Tenant Newsletter December 2019 issue"

Hope Through Housing: Homeless Father, Daughter Get New Start at Marv’s Place in Pasadena

Daniel wanted nothing more than to provide a nurturing home and a bright future for his daughter.  But the reality of a back injury and job loss challenged that dream. With his 4-year-old daughter, Davita, and her mother, Daniel’s family lost their housing and eventually ended up in a homeless shelter. His relationship with Davita’s mother ended, but he was determined to provide a positive future for his little girl. Soon, Daniel was able to find a stable living situation... continue reading »"Hope Through Housing: Homeless Father, Daughter Get New Start at Marv’s Place in Pasadena"