Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Eviction Prevention (TBRA-EP)

Have You Received A Notice of Eviction From Your Landlord Due to Non-Payment?

The City of Pasadena’s Housing Department can help you stay in your home. The Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Eviction Prevention (TBRA-EP) Program is available for eligible renter households who have received notice that their right to occupy their current housing will be terminated due to non-payment. The TBRA-EP Program is designed to help you stay in your current residence by providing subsidized monthly rent for up to 24 months, and will pay up to 6 months of rent arrears.

City of Pasadena households that meet the following criteria are eligible for the TBRA-EP Program:

  • Has income below 50% of the area median income for the area; and
  • Has in sufficient resources immediately available to attain housing stability; and
  • Has been notified that their right to occupy their current housing will be terminated.
# of Persons Living in Household 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Maximum Income Limit $41,700 $47,650 $53,600 $59,500 $64,350 $69,100 $73,850 $78,650

This program is provided to prevent evictions arising after the June 30, 2022 sun-setting of certain residential tenant protections under the City’s COVID Eviction Moratorium. The program is not intended to provide general rent assistance. In most cases, eligibility to receive assistance under the program will be conditioned on proof of an actual eviction being undertaken or imminent (not just being behind on rent). Should a legal requirement or court decision prevent residential evictions generally from proceeding, the program will be temporarily suspended and no rent assistance will be provided during such period. Please review program policies and procedures for details on eligibility and requirements.

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