Enterprise Systems Catalog

Application Name Business Owner Function/Purpose System Data Elements Vendor
ActiveNet Human Services & Recreation Parks & Recreation Software Recreation class schedules, class descriptions, costs. Asset reservations, schedules, costs. Active Network
ePersonality (eP) Finance Human Resources and Payroll System Employee information, employment data, beneficiaries’ deductions, pay rates, taxes and compensation. Highline Corp.
Exchange Information Technology Email and calendaring Emails, attachments, schedules Microsoft
FireHouse Fire Department Fire Inspection, Inventory Management and Billing Services Dates, times, notes regarding incidents, investigations, public education, inventory, accounts and invoices related to fire revenues. Xerox Corp.
HighJump Water and Power Warehouse management system. Inventory item numbers, names, descriptions, lots and locations. Inventory general ledger assignments, inventory levels, usage history and dates. HighJump
ILS Information Systems Library management system. Library inventory. Titles, authors, costs of books, magazines, videos, etc.
Lessor/Lessee City Properties City Manager‐Kitasato Inventories City‐owned, Cityleased and City‐lessor properties. APN, address, owner, tenants, sales, insurance, contacts, deposits, lease data, encumbrants, improvementsN/AQuadrantFinanceCashiering system application with batch interfaces to multiple billing systems. Receipt information, payment information including; billing account identification information, payee, amount, date and payment type. Quadrant Systems
PeopleSoft Financials Finance Tracks Financial Data including the following modules; AP, AR, BI, FA, GL, IN, PO, PRJ. Vendor, Invoice, Purchase Order, Payment, Billing, Receivable, Vendor Compensation and General Ledger data. Oracle
PowerPlan Finance Budget preparation, annual reporting, comparative reporting and budget to actuals tracking. Department budget data by general ledger account structure with funding amounts by Fiscal Year. Budget notes and development detail. CityVision
Q‐Flow Planning and Development Manages queues, check‐in, wait times, customer tracking and notification for the Permit Center. Allows for customer self-service check‐in. Customer name, address, wait time ACF Technologies
Questys City Clerk Document Management Document images, descriptions, dates, owner information.
Remittance Processor Finance Application processes payments received via mail for multiple City billing systems. Files are processed in batch format at the end of the business day. Billing system, account number, payment amount, payment date, payment type and bank account information. AQURIT/Technology Unlimited
RevQ(CUBS) Finance Collection system for past due accounts, serving multiple department billing systems/functions. Billing systems, account numbers, customer contact information, amounts due, aging, contact discussions and payment plans. Columbia Ultimate Business Systems
Sharepoint Information Technology Team and document collaboration Documents, lists Microsoft
Sympro Finance Investment Tracking System Investment tracking, investment dates portfolios, amounts invested, market pricing investment standings Emphasys
T2 Parking Management System Transportation Parking Citation and Parking Permit issuance, tracking and collection management. Parking Citation and Parking Permit data. Identification numbers, citation data, amounts due, penalties, payment information, DMV responses, responsible party information, contesting and court scheduling and findings. T2 Systems Solutions
TeleStaff Fire Department Scheduling and reporting of labor and time related to Fire Department Staff Shifts, schedules, staffing requirements for the Fire Department. Kronos
Tidemark Planning and Development Planning and Permit Tracking System Parcels, addresses, land owners, permits, inspections, entitlements Accela, Inc.
Tyler Cashiering City‐Wide Enterprise cashiering application. Customer Account Numbers, Payment Dates, Amounts, Payment Types. Tyler Technologies
Tyler Content Manager City‐Wide Content management system supporting ERP activity. Images and data related to stored images mapped to the City’s ERP System. Tyler Technologies
Tyler Munis (ERP) City Wide This is the City’s Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP). This is the ERP application for City business processes. The modules include; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Budgeting, Contracts, Human Resources, Payroll, Treasury Management Tyler Technologies
Vertex Water and Power Utility CIS Billing System Building owner information, customer billing information, billing rates, meter numbers, locations. Vertex
VTI ‐ Virtual Timecard Interface Finance Timecard data collection and reporting for employee compensation. Employee number, name, supervisor, days worked, hours worked, paycodes charged. Leave time available and used. Timecard approvals. Intellitime Inc.
WatchGuard Evidence Library Police Department Mobile Audio Video (MAV) in patrol vehicles Audio, video WatchGuard Video
Wittman EMS Fire Department EMS Billing System Ambulance billing information, trip date, patient information, insurance information, responsible party, injury information, hospital information. Wittman
WordPress Information Technology This is a website content management system for the display, editing and management of the city’s websites and its department’s websites. The data found in this system is primarily the html that allows information about the city and for the citizens to be displayed and accessed by citizens, employees, and other stakeholders. WordPress.org

City of Pasadena Enterprise Systems Catalog-SB-272