PPL 140th Anniversary Celebration

Since first opening our doors in 1884, we have served our community with free and open places to commune, connect, learn, read and belong. Pasadena Public Library has spent 140 years shaping the past, sculpting the present, and building toward a brighter future.

Central Library stands as the cornerstone of the Pasadena Public Library, offering vital support to its nine branch libraries. In May 2021, our Central Library temporarily closed following a structural assessment that uncovered its susceptibility to seismic activity due to unreinforced masonry. Today, as we commemorate the rich history of our libraries spanning 140 years, discover more about the future of the Central Library, the necessary earthquake retrofit, and the significant contributions it is poised to make in the 21st century.

People of PPL

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14 Books, 14 Decades Reading Challenge

Celebrate 14 decades of service with a 14-book reading challenge. Take the challenge and read stories that uplift future thinkers, innovators, and trailblazer of the past, present, and future. This challenge is available https://pasadena.beanstack.org, if you want to track your reading on your smart device. This challenge is just for fun, so choose one, or all 14, and complete in any order!

  1. Read a book by a Pasadena author
  2. Read a book featuring a library
  3. Read the 2024 One City, One Story book
  4. Read an author’s debut work
  5. Read the first book in a series
  6. Read a historical fiction book
  7. Read a book set in the future
  8. Read a friend’s book recommendation
  9. Read a book set in the present day
  10. Read a memoir or biography
  11. Read a book about an innovator
  12. Read a library staff recommendation
  13. Read a book about a trailblazer
  14. Read an international award winning book

Events Calendar

Join the celebration! A different branch will host a special program each month, January through October.

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