Help with The Catalog

Features in Enterprise Search:

  • Spell-checking and search suggestions as you type, similar to familiar and popular search engines
  • A single search integrates eBook checkouts and eResources–get books, articles and more with a single login
  • Community tags — tag resources in everyday language and enrich their description and findability for users
  • You can share your discoveries via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more
  • You can now use the Language Settings to view search terms, labels and facets in Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian, and more!

Can I still search using an ISBN?
Yes! Just type the ISBN right in the search box (no spaces).

Can I still form a more targeted search query before I submit a search?Yes! Click to select formats or audience, or search fields in the dropdown menus to the left of the search box before you submit. Or, click on “Advanced Search” to form a search that is more targeted in advance. Once you submit your search, you can still use a variety of facets to refine your results after you’ve submitted your search. Look for the “Limit Search Results” section to the left of the screen. You can select facets to include or to exclude from your results.

Can I place holds on more than one item in my results at once?
Yes! Just click on the check boxes for all items you’d like to request, then click the “Select an action” dropdown at the top of the results listing. You can even select different pickup locations for each item before confirming the request.

Searching Enterprise

Our catalog, Enterprise, offers some great features for you, including intuitive searching, a Kids-friendly catalog and a Teens catalog, integration of eBook checkouts, and more. If you have questions or would like further assistance, please don’t hesitate to stop in at any PPL location and ask for assistance, call us, or email us. We’re always happy to help!

Search for Books, eBooks and other
items in the Catalog.

My Enterprise Account

Your account in Enterprise includes useful features:

  • You can see and manage:
    • Checkouts—see due dates, renew
    • Holds—place holds, check status, suspend or re-activate your item requests
    • Lists—create and manage lists
  • You can set preferences for pickup location, default language, and default view on login
  • Update phone or email address, change PIN or set up SMS/text notifications right in your account login

Frequently Asked Questions

When we migrated all systems information over, we had a few errors here and there. Your library card expiration date may need to be updated by staff. Call us at any branch location or ask staff at the desk, and we’ll assist you.

A 1 in “Place in Queue” simply means that you are first in line for that item.  Look in the “Status” column to see if your hold is “Pending” (not ready yet),  or “Pickup by [date]” (your hold is waiting for you at your pickup location). When your hold is ready for pick-up you will receive a notification according to your stored preference (usually email or telephone), and under “Status” in your account, it will say “Pickup  by…” with the date that the hold expires.

When you are logged in to your account in Enterprise, your account display will have some helpful green “!” icons as alerts that there is a new status. You also have a handy summary of your account to the right of the full account display tabs, so you know at a glance if you have items ready for pickup (and how many of them), how many checkouts, etc.

Yes! The “PPL2GO” app is available for both iOS and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play. The app offers just about all the useful “My Account” features as the browser version of Enterprise, as well as the ability to search, place holds, and find the nearest PPL location to you and your device. You can also store your barcode there in a scannable format so you have your card with you as long as you have your phone! One handy and exclusive feature of the PPL2GO app: If you have children or other family members with their own cards, you can also store their cards in the app in scannable format, so you can pick up holds for everyone in one trip.