Help with The Catalog

Features in Encore Search:

  • Spell-checking and search suggestions as you type, similar to familiar and popular search engines
  • A single search integrates eBook checkouts and eResources–get books, articles and more with a single login
  • Community tags — tag resources in everyday language and enrich their description and findability for users
  • You can share your discoveries via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more
  • You can now use the Language Settings to view search terms, labels and facets in Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Russian, and more!

Can I still search using an ISBN?
Yes! Just type the ISBN right in the search box (no spaces).

How do I search for an author?
You can search for an author in a couple of ways:
Type the author’s name in the “Search” box. Refine the results by clicking on “Author” in the “Found in” Facet on the left.
You can also choose “Advanced Search” (click on the text below the search box), then choosing “Author” from the first drop-down. Then, type the author’s name (it’s still a keyword search, so you do not need to type the name in any particular order).

Can I still form a more targeted search query before I submit a search?
Yes! Click on “Advanced Search” to form a search on Title or Author and preselect by format, location, collection or language. You can also perform a search and click to target the results by using the “Refine by” facets on the left side of the screen post-search.

Is Power Search available?
You can form complex queries directly in the “Search” box using syntax and operators that Encore recognizes. View Power Search operators

How does the “Articles” tab work?
Once you’ve created and submitted your search, you can click on the “Articles” tab to view all results from online resources. You can further refine by using the “Databases” menu to see results from specific collections, and to limit to full text results or peer-reviewed journals, etc.

Searching Encore Catalog

Our catalog, Encore, offers some great features for you, including intuitive searching, integration of eBook chekouts and eResource searching, and more. If you have questions or would like further assistance, please don’t hesitate to stop in at any PPL location and ask for assistance, call us, or email us. We’re always happy to help!

Search for Books, eBooks and other
items in the Catalog.

My Encore Account

Your account in Encore includes features such as creating and managing lists, saved checkout history, and more.

Features in “My Account”:

  • You can choose to save your “Reading History” in your Encore account–now you’ll know for sure if you’ve already read that Michael Connelly title that looks good but seems familiar…
  • You can still choose to receive notification of account activity via email, phone and print, and coming soon, you can opt in to text message notification as well
  • You can view important account alerts from any Encore page as long as you are logged in

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your library card barcode and PIN were stored in the new system (Encore). You should be able to log in with no problem. Get or reset PIN

When you log in to Encore, you just have to click on your name, which appears at the upper right, to see all the information on your account, including items checked out, holds information, and fines, fees or messages. View your account

Unfortunately, the lists features could not be migrated to the new system. You can create and save lists in Encore: add items to your “Cart,” then save them to a “List” which you can name and update, similar to the prior system. Creating and managing lists

You can choose, by clicking an “Opt in” button, to save the history of items you have checked out. If you opt in to the Reading History feature, it will save everything you have checked out in Encore. If you opt in, your Reading History will be stored in your account. Staff will not be able to access this, and if you choose to discontinue the feature, the saved history will be deleted permanently.

When we migrated all systems information over, we had a few errors here and there. Your library card expiration date may need to be updated by staff. Call us at 626-744-4066, option 7 or ask staff at the desk, and we’ll assist you.

Not yet! The status terminology has changed slightly so most of your holds will say something like “1 of 1 holds” or “8 of 10 holds”, etc. The first number is telling you your position in the holds queue and the second number is the total number of people waiting in line for that item. So “1 of 1 holds” simply means that you are first in line for that item and there is no one waiting after you. When your hold is ready for pick-up you will receive notification according to your stored preference (usually email or telephone), and under “Status” in your account it will say “Ready. Must pick up by…” with the date that the hold expires. Your “Holds” display

Just hover with your mouse on the circled “i” next to your name, and you’ll see upcoming due dates and overdue alerts for your account.

The former catalog system sent notices out 3 or 4 times per day; Encore will send you notification via your preferred method once a day, in the morning. You will probably get an email or phone call tomorrow morning. If you have questions or concerns, or would like help with your account, please contact us.