New Pasadena Public Library Catalog System (ILS)

Later this year, the Pasadena Public Library will introduce a new Integrated Library System (ILS); SirsiDynix’s BlueCloud ILS System to manage its bibliographic/item holdings, patron registration, patron account activity, and online resources and will begin transitioning from a jointly operated ILS shared with Glendale Library, Arts and Culture. This new single-agency ILS provides the Library with greater local control, focuses solely on the needs of the Pasadena card holders, and will allow the Library to generate better and more detailed reports and data to enhance the collection so that it reflects our residents’ interests and improves the management and delivery of resources to our patrons. The system will offer:

  • Local control and enhanced security of patron information, bibliographic information and software that protects patron privacy.  Proper information security protocols and policy were not established in original Pasadena/Glendale partnership. Deficiencies noted by the MGO 2019 City Fraud Risk Assessment included tighter data security and protection.
  • Local control over the selection and purchasing of materials, cataloging procedures, and system policy specifically tailored to Pasadena library user’s needs and interests.
  • Faster fulfillment of material holds and requests. No “in-transit” time for materials between cities. Fewer people waiting in line for materials.
  • Pasadena’s resources will directly benefit Pasadena customers. Prior to the newly adopted single-agency structure, net lending and resource sharing from Pasadena favored Glendale customers due to an unbalanced purchasing expenditure structure adopted over the years.
  • Easier, clearer and more intuitive library catalog searching whereby only Pasadena materials are visible and highlighted. Pasadena patrons will no longer have to navigate through “Glendale only” resources in the online catalog to find accessible Pasadena materials.
  • Easier navigation of the online catalog.
  • Development of a “Young Adult” Catalog in addition to the “General” and “Children’s” catalogs.
  • Enhanced mobile app functionality.
  • Streamlined system management and administration for only one set of system parameters resulting in faster implementation of new features, services, modifications, and third party integrations due to simplified administration.
  • Faster implementation of policies and procedures due to a more efficient single-agency review and adoption process.  Allows Library to react more nimbly to change.
  • Simplified and automated management and tracking of financials (e.g., accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgets, etc.) resulting in more streamlined processes and better adherence with City of Pasadena Finance rules.  (Proper financial controls for the collection of fines/fees were not established in original Pasadena/Glendale partnership.  Deficiencies noted by the MGO 2019 City Fraud Risk Assessment.)
  • A more robust reporting and data feature that focuses only on Pasadena materials, providing more accurate and detailed statistics
  • Library materials not available at the Pasadena Libraries may be still be requested from Glendale or any other library.


Pasadena Public Library and Glendale Library, Arts and Culture have shared an Integrated Library System (ILS) library catalog database since 1981 that has allowed the two agencies to operate somewhat interdependently with reciprocal lending to customers. The two libraries have been sharing a catalog and resources, however, in recent years, Glendale Library has purchased some resources that appear in the database but have not been made available to Pasadena cardholders. Pasadena Public Library spends more money annually on print and electronic materials, creating a disparity in resources.

The expiration of the current Integrated Library service contract along with the introduction of more stringent privacy, data and information controls instituted by the City of Pasadena, have precipitated a review of and departure from the shared database structure.


  • In January 2019, Pasadena and Glendale libraries began a comprehensive assessment of the shared system. Both agencies agreed they could better serve their respective customers by operating independently on separate ILS platforms. Subsequent to the discussions, the Pasadena Public Library began a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process designed to identify a new ILS that would best meet the needs of the Pasadena Public Library and its community. The Department received two vendor proposals and SirsiDynix was selected by Pasadena Public Library. The Pasadena City Council approved a five-year contract with SirsiDynix at their Jan. 27, 2020 meeting. This new single-agency ILS, provides the Pasadena Public Library with greater local control, focused solely on the needs of the Pasadena community, allowing us to enhance the collection so that it reflects our resident’s interests and improving the management and delivery of resources to our patrons. Whereas the full implementation won’t occur until late Fall 2020, the transition and separation of resources begins this month.You may have some questions about how this will affect you. We have tried to anticipate as many of them as we could in our list of Frequently Asked Questions. To view them click here.

    Should you have concerns that we haven’t addressed, please contact us at