Pasadena Will Align With The State and Maintain Current Requirements For Face Masks Until June 15

(Pasadena, CA.)-Last week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidance indicating that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can resume some activities without wearing masks or physically distancing except where required by local law and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance. This statement of confidence in the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines is welcome, and supported by science.

On May 17, the State announced that until June 15, existing State face mask guidance remains in place. Pasadena will align with the state, to maintain current requirements for face masks until June 15.

This will allow a few more weeks for people who live or work in our city, students and visitors to access vaccine, and to increase our overall community vaccination rates to keep our residents safer.

It is important to note workplaces remain under Cal/OSHA masking and distancing requirements, which have not yet changed.

When are masks still required?

  • When indoors (except when in one’s own home)
  • When outdoors at crowded events or venues
  • When not fully vaccinated, outdoors and unable to physically distance from others
  • At businesses and worksites including retailers, restaurants, markets, offices, and schools
  • When utilizing public transportation

When can I remove my mask?

  • When outdoors and able to physically distance from others
  • When eating or drinking while seated at table in a restaurant, bar, or brewery dining area
  • When receiving personal care services to the facial area such as barbering, waxing, massage, and electrology
  • When fully vaccinated and outdoors (except at certain events or venues, including businesses and retail)
  • When fully vaccinated and at a private event or gathering where all other attendees are fully vaccinated
  • When fully vaccinated and gathering with unvaccinated individuals from only one other household who are not at high risk for severe COVID-19 disease

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