Online Teen Volunteer Application

Please check the Volunteer page on our site for information on currently available volunteer shifts and roles.

If no suitable volunteer opportunities are available at the time you submit an application, the Library will keep your application on file and contact you when a suitable opportunity becomes available.

Please note: La Pintoresca Branch Library is the only library location currently offering adult volunteer opportunities. If you submit an application for another library location, it will remain on file until an opportunity opens.

Pasadena Public Library
Teen Volunteer Application

(for volunteers ages 13-17)

Online Teen Volunteer Application

Minors under 18 years must have a parental release & waiver signed before participation as a volunteer.

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Emergency Contact and Guardian Information

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Volunteer Guidelines

(participants should check to agree to and initial each statement)

Be punctual and reliable. Follow sign in, sign out procedures. Notify the Library staff if you are not able to keep your schedule. *
Be neat, accurate, and limit personal conversation while on volunteer duty. *
Follow established City of Pasadena policies and procedures. *
Safety equipment must be worn when applicable. Report any unsafe conditions, injuries, accidents and property damage to the Library staff. *
Smoking policy: All Library buildings and surrounding grounds are smoke-free at all times. *
Dress code: Neat, clean, and appropriate grooming and attire. Please do not wear T-shirts with offensive slogans or statements, revealing clothing, hats or caps. *
Please do not use the Library staff’s telephones or office equipment for personal use. *
Follow other instructions and rules as given by library staff. *

Parental Release & Waiver

The above minor has my permission to participate in duties assigned as a volunteer for the City of Pasadena. I am aware that this volunteer assignment may present a risk of injury. In consideration for allowing him/her to participate in this project, I agree to assume all risks for injuries arising out of his/her participation as a volunteer. I agree that the City of Pasadena and all employees, officials, agents, representatives and sureties of the City shall NOT be responsible or liable for any injury, damage, loss or expense to his/her person and/or property incurred while working as a volunteer.

In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the staff to hospitalize and secure proper treatment for my child. If an ambulance is needed, the staff has my permission to call one. Medical expenses will be my responsibility. (I understand that the City provides volunteer insurance for medical treatment resulting from injury during volunteer activities, but the insurance does not apply until any other coverage available to me has been used.)

The Pasadena Public Library reserves the right to schedule and assign tasks on the discretion of the Volunteer Supervisor.