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  • Milo and Marcos at the End of the World – Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Samuel Redfearn, age 16 Milo and Marcos at the End of the World by Kevin Cristopher Snipes Milo Connelly already had a tendency to overthink before the world started collapsing around him, but ever since Marcos reappeared in his life, it appears as though God Himself has intervened

  • Twin Crowns — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Hailey Chen, age 14 Twin Crowns by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber Wren Greenrock is in disguise. She has trained her entire life for the sole purpose of stealing back the throne from her twin sister, who doesn’t even know she exists, to finally give both witches and

  • Private Label — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Jasmine Sov, age 16 Private Label by Kelly Yang Serene Li longs to design her own couture dresses, but she’s stuck working as an intern for her mom’s fashion brand. After her mother is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Serene’s jolted into leadership of the company, where she faces

  • Sense and Second-Degree Murder — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Samuel Redfearn, age 16 Sense and Second Degree Murder by Tirzah Price The Dashwood sisters each harbor somewhat peculiar interests. Elinor, the eldest, enjoys chemistry; Marianne, slightly younger than Elinor, works alongside her father in his detective business; and Margaret, the youngest, is a budding novelist at only

  • The Place is Still Beautiful — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Giselle Carlos, age 17 This Place is Still Beautiful by Xixi Tian Annalie and Margaret Flannagen have conflicting feelings toward their childhood home. Seventeen-year-old Annalie savors the Midwest—the small-town closeness of it all—while Margaret feels suffocated and claustrophobic. When Margaret moves to college at NYU, Annalie breathes a