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  • A Thousand Steps into Night — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Jasmine Sov, age 16 A Thousand Steps into Night by Traci Chee Otori Miuko is just a simple innkeeper’s daughter—average in every way, meant to be gentle and demure and bear fat, healthy sons for a future husband. The problem is, she isn’t gentle and demure—her loudness is

  • The Passing Playbook — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Giselle Carlos, age 16 The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons Spencer Harris is ready for a new start. While weary of the burden of going into a private school, fifteen-year-old Spencer is determined to ease his parent’s nervous minds and make this year great, and most importantly, lay

  • Not My Problem — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Amber Elias, age 15 Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth Dispite how rough Aideen’s home life was, along with the father who was married to another woman with a completely different family, and her mother who let that wretched man use her over and over while struggling with

  • Edie in Between — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Jasmine Sov, age 16 Edie in Between by Laura Sibson All Edie Mitchell wanted to do after her mom died was to forget that she ever had magic—but it’s not that easy when it’s been in her blood for generations. After she discovers her mom’s teenage journal, it

  • The Poetry of Secrets — Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Emily Battaglia, age 17 The Poetry of Secrets by Cambria Gordon Set in the tumultuous 15th century Spain, The Poetry of Secrets explores the struggle of 16-year-old Isabel Perez as she navigates a whirlwind romance, a perilous faith, and her position as a woman in a society where