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Teen Volunteers Information

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General Information

The Pasadena Public Library accepts volunteers ages 13-17.

Online Teen Volunteer Application

Review our locations and hours


Due to Covid-19 while our library buildings are closed, only Central Library is currently accepting applications for virtual volunteering and to be added to the general volunteer pool for future opportunities.

Central Library:

We accept applications year-round, but can't tell you what is currently "available" since there are so many different roles and fluctuating needs. Volunteer for as much or as little as you’d like. The volunteer pool is the first to be notified of volunteer opportunities. Apply as a general volunteer for Central Library and get added to the volunteer pool list. Apply online. If you are unable to apply online, please pick up a paper application in the library. Please note: It may take up to three weeks to receive a reply regarding your application.

Allendale Branch: Not currently accepting teen volunteers.

Hastings Branch: Accepting applicants for Homework Helpers and general help. Apply online.

Hill Avenue Branch: Not currently accepting teen volunteers.

Lamanda Park Branch: Not currently accepting teen volunteers.

La Pintoresca Branch: Accepting applicants for LEGO Club, Homework Helpers and general help. Apply online.

Linda Vista Branch:  Not currently accepting teen volunteers.

San Rafael Branch:  Not currently accepting teen volunteers.

Santa Catalina Branch: Not currently accepting teen volunteers.

Villa Parke Branch:  Not currently accepting teen volunteers.

General Volunteer Pool at Central

General volunteers help around the library, at events, prepping for programs, special projects, clerical stuff, artwork, writing, and a variety of other tasks.

  • Who: Ages 13-17. Everyone who applies as a teen volunteer--regardless of role, is added to this list. This is a catch-all role.
  • When: As needed. Volunteer as little or as much as you’d like based on the schedule. Times and days vary.
  • How: Submit a teen volunteer application for Central Library. You will be contacted within 3 weeks with more instructions.
  • Photos of some of the volunteers’ work can be viewed at http://pasadena-library.net/teens/volunteers/

Book Reviewers

For teen volunteers who love to read and have good writing skills. Earn 2 hours for each approved review. Reviews will be credited with the reviewers’ full name and grade. They will be published in our Teen Zine and on our Teens Blog. Review guidelines and how to get started at:  http://pasadena-library.net/teens/book-reviewers/

Write book reviews to be published on our Teens Blog and Teen Zine.

  • Must have good writing skills.
  • Book pickups are at Central Library, but work is done virtually. You will earn 2 hours per approved review.
  • Apply using the teen volunteer application for Central Library. Then send a sample review to Jane Gov at jgov@cityofpasadena.net using the guidelines listed on the Book Reviewers page.

Homework Helpers

Help kids with homework at Central Library, Hastings Branch Library, or La Pintoresca Branch Library. Apply to each branch separately.

Central Library requirements: (1) Ages 15-17, (2) commit to at least one weekly shift for twelve weeks, (3) ability to help kids in grades K-8, (4) very reliable and good with kids, (5) shifts are Tuesday &/or Thursday from 4-6pm.

Hastings Branch requirements: (1) Ages 15-18, (2) commit to at least one weekly shift for twelve weeks, (3) ability to help kids in grades K-5, (4) reliable and good with kids, (5) shifts are Monday and/or Wednesday from 3:30-5:30.

La Pintoresca Branch requirements: (1) Ages 12-17 years of age, (2) enjoys working with children, (3) ability to help kids in grades K-5 with math, language arts, and reading, (4) reliable and patient, (5) shifts are Monday-Friday from 2:30-5:30 ~ schedule negotiable with volunteer supervisor.

Teen Advisory Board

TAB advocates, pilots, advises, and plans events.

  • The team is mostly known for planning, hosting, and participating in the annual Teen Murder Mystery, monthly Youth Network, Teen Mental Health Initiative, Summer Reading
  • Required: Year-round commitment, 1 official meeting per month (on a Sat. 4pm) + additional meetings or project shifts based on schedule + virtual work (about 4 hours total per month)
  • How to join: apply using General volunteer application for Central Library. First, read the information in the Teen Advisory Board page.

Work on the Teen Zine. (1) Write articles like interviews or event recaps; or (2) Graphic design

  • Required: (1) writers must be good writers and have the ability to attend events to write about them or conduct interviews with other teens online. (2) Graphic designers must have good design skills and work well on Google Docs or MS Publisher. Must be very responsive to email communications.
  • Articles are written year-round. Designs are done in bursts about once a year. Sometimes, there isn’t any work to be done for months, and other times, several shifts/work will be done in bulk.
  • Apply using the general volunteer application for Central Library and wait to see when an opportunity arises (it’ll get posted in the volunteer email list).
  • View past issues of the Teen Zine

LEGO® Club

La Pintoresca Branch Library is seeking volunteers to help with kids LEGO® Club.


  1. Ages 14 -17
  2. Must have experience with LEGOs®
  3. Enjoys working with children
  4. Schedule is flexible during summer to prepare LEGOs®
  5. Will need to be available one Monday per month

For more information, please call La Pintoresca Branch at (626) 744-7268.

Apply online using the general volunteer application for La Pintoresca Branch Library.

Teens' Blog

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