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Teen Zine

The Teen Zine is a bi-annual publication that features writing, photos, book lists, artwork, interviews, and articles by or about teens at the library. This mini magazine is designed, edited, and assembled by a team of teen volunteers. It is shared with schools, administrators, public officials, youth advocates, and read by people from all over the community—even people on another continent!

Pick up a copy at the library or view it here online. See if you or someone you know is featured!

To see more about how we make the Teen Zine click HERE for a poster on the Teen Zine process. For a chance to be featured in the Teen Zine, participate in our annual writing and art contests and attend teen programs.

Click on the Teen Zine cover to view the latest issue of the Teen Zine:

Teen Zine Issue 8 (Cover image) Made by Teens for Teens Spring 2019; Issue 8


Teen Zine Archive

Issue 8 - Spring 2019
Issue 7 - Fall 2018
Issue 6 - Fall 2017
Issue 5 - Winter 2017
Issue 4 - Summer 2016
Issue 3 - Fall 2015
Issue 2 - Spring 2015
Issue 1 - Fall 2014

Teens' Blog

  • Teen Advisory Board — October 2019

    Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 10/12/19 Present:  Genevieve, Sophie, Taleen, Liam, Angel, and guest Christopher C (MLIS student) Focus of October meeting: murder mystery, bullying prevention month, State of the Youth Assignment: murder mystery assignments Handouts: more murder mystery flyers Materials: murder mystery supplies   Agenda   Welcome

  • New Books — October 2019 edition

    NEW YA BOOKS American Royals Katharine McGee · Random House Books for Young Readers Pages: 448 Format: Hardcover What if America had a royal family? If you can’t get enough of Harry and Meghan or Kate and William, meet American princesses Beatrice and Samantha. Two princesses vying for the ultimate

  • “What Do You Fight For?” by Madison Comick

    1st Place “What do you Fight For?” by  Madison Comick, age 15   Alina clutched the paper between her hands. It had the typed question from her supervisor, Iris, but no answer. She’d been staring at the question for a week now- “What do you fight for? What are we

  • “The Kind Cycle” by Ava Slocum

    2nd Place “The Promise” by Ava Slocum, age 15   On the last day of fourth grade, Ally’s teacher gave each of them a blank sheet of paper. “Write your name at the top and pass it to the person to your right. For each paper you get, write something

  • “The Promise” by Julia Fong

    3rd Place “The Promise” by Julia Fong, age 14   I remember the good times, feeling safe in my father’s strong hands, as he lifts me to the sky and back over and over and over again   He is tired now, a little sweaty, as he sits in his