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Teen Zine

The Teen Zine is a bi-annual publication that features writing, photos, book lists, artwork, interviews, and articles by or about teens at the library. This mini magazine is designed, edited, and assembled by a team of teen volunteers. It is shared with schools, administrators, public officials, youth advocates, and read by people from all over the community—even people on another continent!

Pick up a copy at the library or view it here online. See if you or someone you know is featured!

To see more about how we make the Teen Zine click HERE for a poster on the Teen Zine process. For a chance to be featured in the Teen Zine, participate in our annual writing and art contests and attend teen programs.

Click on the Teen Zine cover to view the latest issue of the Teen Zine:

Teen Zine Issue 9 (Cover image) Made by Teens for Teens Winter 2021; Issue 9


Teen Zine Archive

Issue 8 - Spring 2019
Issue 7 - Fall 2018
Issue 6 - Fall 2017
Issue 5 - Winter 2017
Issue 4 - Summer 2016
Issue 3 - Fall 2015
Issue 2 - Spring 2015
Issue 1 - Fall 2014

Teens' Blog

  • Among the Beasts and Briars — Teen Book Review

    Review by Emily Battaglia, 16 Among the Beasts and Briars By Ashley Poston Among the Beasts and Briars tells the story of the royal gardener’s daughter, Cerys, her pet fox, and their quest into the cursed woods to save their kingdom. Even though Among the Beasts and Briars is not

  • Above All Else — Teen Book Review

    Review by Jasmine Sov, 15 Above All Else By Dana Alison Levy Rose and Tate are climbers—always have been. Since they were young, they’ve been climbing mountains, ‘bagging peaks’ as Tate puts it. And now, they’re headed to Nepal with Tate’s dad to bag the biggest peak of all—Everest. Yet

  • You Know I’m No Good — Teen Book Review

    Review by AIsabella Henriquez, 17 You Know I’m No Good By Jessie Ann Foley To say Mia Dempsey is wild is an understatement. She drinks, smokes, parties, and has sex with many different boys, all while still being in high school. Her parents worry for her, but Mia acts like

  • This will be Funny Someday — Teen Book Review

    Review by Hailey Chen, 13 This will be Funny Someday By Katie Henry 16-year old Isabel Vance, better known as Izzy V in some places, describes herself as a miniature pig in her family of golden retrievers. Accidentally walking into a stand-up comedy club is definitely not what her family

  • A Song Below Water — Teen Book Review

    Review by Jasmine Sov, 15 A Song Below Water By Bethany C. Morrow Tavia and Effie, best friends to the end, have been supporting each other all the way up to their junior year of high school. It’s always been them against the world. Tavia must conceal her siren powers