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Teen Zine

The Teen Zine is a bi-annual publication that features writing, photos, book lists, artwork, interviews, and articles by or about teens at the library. This mini magazine is designed, edited, and assembled by a team of teen volunteers. It is shared with schools, administrators, public officials, youth advocates, and read by people from all over the community—even people on another continent!

Pick up a copy at the library or view it here online. See if you or someone you know is featured!

To see more about how we make the Teen Zine visit our poster on the Teen Zine process. For a chance to be featured in the Teen Zine, participate in our annual writing and art contests and attend teen programs.

Click on the Teen Zine cover to view the latest issue of the Teen Zine:

Coveer image for Teen Zine Issue 10 (Summer 2023): White background with sketches s of teens reading


Teen Zine Archive

Issue 8 - Spring 2019
Issue 7 - Fall 2018
Issue 6 - Fall 2017
Issue 5 - Winter 2017
Issue 4 - Summer 2016
Issue 3 - Fall 2015
Issue 2 - Spring 2015
Issue 10 - Summer 2023
Issue 1 - Fall 2014

Teens' Blog

  • All Kinds of Other – Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Kaelin Lee, age 16 All Kinds of Other by James Sie Jules is trying to navigate his sophomore year of school at a new school while figuring out what it means to be gay. Jack is in the same boat as Jules and starting over at the same school

  • Where Echoes Lie – Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Elise Chen, age 15 Where Echoes Lie by Shannon Schuren In the heart of a small Kentucky town, under the spectral arc of the moonbow, “Where Echoes Lie” by Shannon Schuren unfolds the tale of Rena Faye, a girl caught between dreams as vivid as her photographs and the weight of

  • Dungeons & Dragons

    On Wednesday the 22nd of May, patrons and staff of the Jefferson Branch Library embarked on a quest to rescue a family who had been kidnapped by goblins. A dungeon was discovered, Bugbears were charmed with magic, giant rats were slain with Eldritch Blasts, and a stove was moved to

  • Lies like Wildfire – Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Elise Chen, age 15 Lies like Wildfire by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez Set amidst the towering pines on the deep lake of the fictional town of Gap Mountain, five friends, called “The Monsters,” recently graduated high school, and are off to live the summer of their lives. However, faster than they can

  • The Stepping Off Place – Teen Book Review

    Reviewed by Elise Chen, age 15 The Stepping Off Place by Cameron Kelly Rosenblum Reid MacGregory can’t imagine her life without her best friend and social anchor, Hattie Darrow. It’s the summer before senior year, and Reid is deeply embedded in Scofield High’s popular crowd, courtesy of Hattie. However, when summer