January 21, 2019: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

PROCLAMATION Whereas the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s has profoundly impacted the course of American history and continues to shape the direction and debate of our society; and Whereas one of the great leaders of that 20th century movement is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose “dream” is no less inspirational and important today than when he first expressed it more than 50 years ago; and Whereas the Martin Luther King Community Coalition of Pasadena is dedicated to keeping... continue reading »"January 21, 2019: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day"

State of the City 2019

Download: 2019 State of the City Speech (PDF) PASADENA MAYOR TERRY TORNEK - STATE OF THE CITY – 1/17/19 Contact:  Terry Tornek   626-375-0075 INTRODUCTION Thanks Tyron; we look forward to your upcoming service as Vice Mayor.  Welcome to this beautiful facility and our thanks to the PUSD for letting us showcase one of its recently completed Prop TT projects.  First, let me say that is a continuing privilege to serve as your Mayor, and I appreciate your attendance tonight.  I... continue reading »"State of the City 2019"