April 29, 2019: Fire & Police Retirement System 100th Anniversary

COMMENDATION Whereas on April 3, 1919, the citizens of the City of Pasadena had the foresight and vision to approve the formation of a Fire & Police Pension Board to charge and administer the City’s pension fund for its Fire and Police employees; and Whereas sixteen years after the Board’s formation, the citizens of Pasadena once again approved formalization of retirement benefits for the City’s Fire and Police members by establishing the Pasadena Fire and Police Retirement System (FPRS); and... continue reading »"April 29, 2019: Fire & Police Retirement System 100th Anniversary"

April 24, 2019: Los Angeles Children's Chorus

Dear Friends and Supporters of Los Angeles Children’s Chorus: Congratulations upon the opening of Los Angeles Children’s Chorus on its 2019 Gala Bel Canto, and best wishes to Don Hahn as he receives the Chorus’ highest distinction of artistic merit, the Bel Canto Award, as well as to Jennifer and Joe Sliskovich as they receive LACC's esteemed Rebecca Thompson Founder’s Award. Pasadena is proud to be home to cultural institutions like the LACC, which benefits the community and young people... continue reading »"April 24, 2019: Los Angeles Children's Chorus"

April 15, 2019: Denim Day

PROCLAMATION  Whereas in the United States, approximately one in five women are raped during their lifetime, and someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes; and Whereas Denim Day calls attention to misconceptions and misinformation about rape and sexual assault, and the problem that many in society remain disturbingly uninformed about these issues; and Whereas the Commission on the Status of Women and Peace Over Violence have declared April 24, 2019 as Denim Day in Pasadena to draw attention to the... continue reading »"April 15, 2019: Denim Day"

April 15, 2019: Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide

PROCLAMATION Whereas on April 24, 1915, the Turkish Government perpetrated against Armenian people what is commonly referred to as the first genocide of the twentieth century, which continued until 1923 and resulted in the death of 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children; and Whereas since memories fade with time, it is important to remind ourselves about human tragedies that have taken place; and Whereas those who survived the Armenian genocide and their successors have had to work hard to... continue reading »"April 15, 2019: Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide"

April 8, 2019: Week of the Young Child

PROCLAMATION      Whereas quality early childhood education promotes the intellectual, emotional and physical development of children, which in turn prepares them to be responsible and contributing members of society; and Whereas Pasadena is a strong, safe community which is supportive of families raising caring and capable children, and it appreciates the many organizations that provide financial support to increase access to high-quality preschool for our young people; and Whereas public policies and programs which support early learning for all... continue reading »"April 8, 2019: Week of the Young Child"

April 6, 2019: Safety Seat Checkup Day

PROCLAMATION Whereas each year in California, about 90 child passengers under the age of 15 are killed and more than 12,000 are injured in automobile collisions—the number one preventable cause of death and injury to children and young adults; and Whereas crash-tested safety seats are moderately priced, widely available for purchase at retail stores, and available at low cost from safety seat distribution programs throughout California; and Whereas proper restraint of small children in safety seats protects them from injury... continue reading »"April 6, 2019: Safety Seat Checkup Day"

April 1, 2019: National Poetry Month

PROCLAMATION  Whereas to support American poets at all ages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry, in 1996 the Academy of American Poets established the month of April as National Poetry Month—the largest literary celebration in the world; and Whereas poetry enhances and enriches our lives; fosters critical thinking, discipline, creativity, self-expression, and problem solving skills; has inspired other artists in the fields of music, theatre, film, dance, and the visual arts; and is an essential... continue reading »"April 1, 2019: National Poetry Month"