May 20, 2019: National Public Works Week

PROCLAMATION Whereas the health, safety and well-being of the people of Pasadena depend importantly on public works infrastructure, facilities and services; and Whereas the planning, development and operation of public works systems such as storm drains, sewers, streets, bridges, street lights, traffic signals, public buildings, public fleets, parks, street trees, solid waste collection, and recycling are essential to meeting the needs of our citizens; and Whereas such facilities and services could not be provided without the dedicated efforts of public... continue reading »"May 20, 2019: National Public Works Week"

May 20, 2019: Gun Violence Awareness Weekend

PROCLAMATION Whereas gun violence touches every segment of our society and impacts people of all ages; it increases the probability of death in incidents of domestic violence; raises the likelihood of fatalities by those who intend to injure others, and among those who attempt suicide; it places children and young people at increased risk of physical harm and injury; and disproportionately affects communities of color; and Whereas Gun Violence Awareness Weekend honors the many lives that have been cut short... continue reading »"May 20, 2019: Gun Violence Awareness Weekend"

May 18, 2019: Mental Health Day

PROCLAMATION     Whereas mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and wellbeing, and addressing the mental health needs in Pasadena of children, youth, adults, seniors, and families is fundamental to having a healthy community; and Whereas all people experience times of difficulty and stress in their lives and, with the prevalence of mental health conditions in our nation, it is important for all members of the community to know that specific tools exist which can be used to better handle... continue reading »"May 18, 2019: Mental Health Day"

May 18, 2019: Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

COMMENDATION Whereas on Saturday, May 18, 2019, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Pasadena will celebrate its 60th year of spiritual and community service; and Whereas the anniversary of a place of worship is a testament to the lasting faith of its congregation and community; and Whereas the community of Pasadena has benefited from the positive influence of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Pasadena through the years; and Whereas upon this auspicious occasion, the City conveys congratulations to Pastor John T.... continue reading »"May 18, 2019: Bethel Missionary Baptist Church"

May 9, 2019: Day of Interfaith Prayer

PROCLAMATION Whereas a nationally recognized Day of Prayer came into existence even before the founding of the United States of America, when the continental Congress declared a day of prayer in 1775; and Whereas Congress codified this tradition in 1952 and later, in 1988, designated the first Thursday of May each year as the National Day of Prayer; and Whereas millions of Americans will answer the call to prayer on the 67th annual National Day of Prayer this year, by... continue reading »"May 9, 2019: Day of Interfaith Prayer"