July 22, 2019: Pasadena Transit's 25th Anniversary

COMMENDATION Whereas since 1994, Pasadena Transit—formerly the Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System (ARTS)—has effectively provided community fixed-route transit services within Pasadena; and Whereas providing our residents, workforce, students, and visitors with a network of reliable, safe and friendly local transit services, Pasadena Transit connects people throughout the City to key destinations while delivering affordable and equitable access; and Whereas as the City’s premiere local transportation provider that supports both local and regional transit connections, Pasadena Transit is one of the... continue reading »"July 22, 2019: Pasadena Transit's 25th Anniversary"

July 20, 2019: Sri Lanka Day Expo and Festival

To Friends and Supporters of the Sri Lanka Foundation: On behalf of the entire City Council, I extend a cordial welcome as you gather to enjoy Sri Lanka Day 2019. The City is delighted that you have again chosen to convene here for this celebration, and it is a tribute to the Sri Lanka Foundation, and the other organizations involved, that this important day of history for Sri Lanka is being celebrated in Pasadena.  You have my congratulations and best... continue reading »"July 20, 2019: Sri Lanka Day Expo and Festival"