April 1, 2021: Proclamation - DMV/Donate Life Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas the act of donating an organ, tissue, marrow, or blood is recognized worldwide as an expression of compassion to those in need; a single individual’s organ donation can save up to eight lives, and a single blood donation can help three people in need; and Whereas at this time, more than 21,000 individuals in California and more than 107,000 individuals nationwide are on the national organ transplant waiting list; on average, 17 people die every day while waiting... continue reading »"April 1, 2021: Proclamation - DMV/Donate Life Month"

March 8, 2021: Proclamation - Women's History Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, women of every race, class and ethnic background have made historic contributions to the growth and strength of Pasadena in countless recorded and unrecorded ways; and Whereas, women play a critical economic, cultural and social role in every sphere of life in Pasadena; and Whereas, particularly important in the establishment of early charitable, philanthropic and cultural institutions in our City, women have served as early leaders in the forefront of every major progressive social change movement; and Whereas,... continue reading »"March 8, 2021: Proclamation - Women's History Month"