November 27, 2021: Proclamation - Small Business Saturday

PROCLAMATION: Whereas according to the United States Small Business Administration, there are currently 32.5 million small businesses in the United States, which represent more than 99% of American companies and are responsible for over 65% of net new jobs created from the years 2000 to 2019; and Whereas small businesses employ 47% of the employees in the private sector in our country, and contribute positively to the local community by supplying jobs and generating tax revenue; and Whereas along with... continue reading »"November 27, 2021: Proclamation - Small Business Saturday"

November 22, 2021: Mayor's Statement - Iran Moreno

November 22, 2021 Dear City of Pasadena: This past Saturday evening, our Pasadena community suffered a horrific tragedy—the killing of 13 year-old Iran Moreno. Iran was sitting inside his home with his family, playing video games in his bedroom, when he was killed by a gunman who fired shots outside his home. There are no words that can fully do justice to truly express our feelings and thoughts for the Moreno family, and for our larger pain as a community... continue reading »"November 22, 2021: Mayor's Statement - Iran Moreno"

November 11, 2021: Proclamation - Veterans Day

PROCLAMATION: Whereas the history of the United States is rich with the deeds of those Pasadena residents that have served in our Armed Forces with honor and distinction; and Whereas today we recognize these courageous men and women who represent the best our nation and community have to offer and, with their service, these veterans have proven that America’s freedoms are worth protecting; and Whereas in order to provide an opportunity for Pasadena’s youth to train as tomorrow’s leaders, the... continue reading »"November 11, 2021: Proclamation - Veterans Day"

November 7, 2021: Proclamation - National Nurse Practitioner Week

PROCLAMATION: Whereas serving as trusted frontline providers of health care for patients, nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice registered nurses with clinical education and training beyond their initial registered nurse preparation; and Whereas in the United States, more than 325,000 licensed NPs are an essential part of the solution to health care, and work in a wide variety of settings to deliver primary, acute and specialty care through a caring, patient-centered, holistic model of care; and Whereas as clinicians that... continue reading »"November 7, 2021: Proclamation - National Nurse Practitioner Week"