May 20, 2024: Proclamation - National Water Safety Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, swimming can play a vital role in maintaining good physical and mental health, building social connections, and enhancing quality of life; and Whereas, it is important for families and individuals of all ages—whether owners of private pools, users of public swimming facilities, or those visiting recreational swimming areas—to understand the importance of water safety rules; and Whereas, drowning is often caused by inadequate swimming skills, lack of supervision, and hazardous swimming conditions, and is a leading cause of... continue reading »"May 20, 2024: Proclamation - National Water Safety Month"

May 20, 2024: Proclamation - National Public Works Week

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, public works infrastructure, facilities and services are of vital importance to sustainable communities and the health, safety and well-being of the people of Pasadena; and Whereas, the planning, development and operation of public works systems such as storm drains, sewers, streets, bridges, street lights, traffic signals, public buildings, public fleets, street trees, solid waste collection, and recycling is essential to meeting the needs of our residents; and Whereas, such facilities and services could not be provided without the... continue reading »"May 20, 2024: Proclamation - National Public Works Week"

May 6, 2024: Proclamation - Professional Municipal Clerks Week

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, the Office of the Municipal Clerk, a time honored and vital part of local government, exists throughout the world and is the oldest among public servants; and Whereas, Pasadena’s Office of the City Clerk provides a professional link between members of the community, the local governing bodies and agencies of government at other levels; and Whereas, Municipal Clerks have pledged to be ever mindful of their neutrality, impartiality, rendering of equal service to all, and serving as the... continue reading »"May 6, 2024: Proclamation - Professional Municipal Clerks Week"

May 6, 2024: Proclamation - National Bike Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, the bicycle is an economically and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation, an excellent form of recreation, and an effective means to conserve energy and improve the livability of communities; and Whereas, bicycling has a great potential to have a positive impact on the local economy and tourism industry, and to stimulate economic development by making the region attractive to businesses and persons who support healthy lifestyles and a full range of transportation choices; and Whereas, electric bicycle availability... continue reading »"May 6, 2024: Proclamation - National Bike Month"

May 6, 2024: Proclamation - Older Americans Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, it is important to acknowledge the contributions older individuals have made in our communities and in the workplace to the economic well-being of our nation through civic leadership and mentoring; and Whereas,  our expanding elder population profoundly impacts every facet of our lives, redefining our ideas of work, retirement and leisure, altering our housing and living arrangements, challenging our healthcare  systems, reshaping our economy, and altering social and public policy; and Whereas, the opportunities and challenges that await... continue reading »"May 6, 2024: Proclamation - Older Americans Month"

Proclamation: May 6, 2024 - Anne Frank Day

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager who, along with her family, was forced into hiding from 1942-1944 during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II (WWII); and Whereas, chronicling her experiences while in hiding, Anne Frank’s diary was published in 1947, two years after her death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and since its publication, The Diary of A Young Girl aka The Diary of Anne Frank has been translated into 70 languages, inspired plays, films... continue reading »"Proclamation: May 6, 2024 - Anne Frank Day"

May 2, 2024: Proclamation - Day of Interfaith Prayer

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, a nationally recognized Day of Prayer came into existence even before the founding of the United States of America, when the continental Congress declared a day of prayer in 1775; and Whereas, Congress codified this tradition in 1952 and later, in 1988, designated the first Thursday of May each year as the National Day of Prayer; and Whereas, millions of Americans will answer the call to prayer—on the 72nd annual National Day of Prayer this  year—by joining observances... continue reading »"May 2, 2024: Proclamation - Day of Interfaith Prayer"

May 1, 2024: Proclamation - Mental Health Awareness Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and wellbeing, and addressing the mental health needs in Pasadena of children, youth, adults, seniors, and families is fundamental to having a healthy community; and Whereas, all people experience times of difficulty and stress in their lives and, with the prevalence of mental health conditions in our nation, it is important for all members of the community to know that specific tools exist which can be used to better handle... continue reading »"May 1, 2024: Proclamation - Mental Health Awareness Month"