All Districts

District 1

Councilmember Tyron Hampton

District 1 is bounded by Oak Grove, The Arroyo Seco Channel, Colorado, the 210 Freeway, Washington, Los Robles, Landera, Howard, Lake, Woodbury, and Yucca.

District 2

Councilmember Margaret McAustin

District 2 is bounded by Lake, Bell, Mountain, Chester, Colorado, Vista, Villa, Palo Verde, Nelson, Craig, Casa Grande, and Martelo.

District 3

Councilmember & Vice Mayor John J. Kennedy

District 3 is bounded by the 210 Freeway, Colorado, Lake, El Molino, Orange Grove, Los Robles, Fair Oaks, Marengo, Mountain, Jackson, El Molino, Landera, and Washington.

District 4

Councilmember Gene Masuda

District 4 is bounded by Washington, Palo Verde, Villa, Roosevelt, and Michillinda.

District 5

Councilmember Victor M. Gordo

District 5 is bounded by Fair Oaks, the 210 Freeway, Los Robles, Orange Grove, El Molino, Lake, Colorado, Chester, Mountain, Lake, Howard, El Molino, Jackson, and Marengo.

District 6

Councilmember Steve Madison

District 6 is bounded by the Arroyo Seco Channel, California, Madison, Del Mar, Los Robles, Colorado, and the Arroyo Seco Channel.

District 7

Councilmember Andy Wilson

District 7 is bounded by Los Robles, Del Mar, Madison, California, Marengo, Arroyo, the Pasadena Freeway, Orlando, Homet, Roosevelt, and Colorado.