April 24, 2019: Los Angeles Children's Chorus

Dear Friends and Supporters of Los Angeles Children’s Chorus:

Congratulations upon the opening of Los Angeles Children’s Chorus on its 2019 Gala Bel Canto, and best wishes to Don Hahn as he receives the Chorus’ highest distinction of artistic merit, the Bel Canto Award, as well as to Jennifer and Joe Sliskovich as they receive LACC's esteemed Rebecca Thompson Founder’s Award.

Pasadena is proud to be home to cultural institutions like the LACC, which benefits the community and young people from the entire region who participate in this wonderful endeavor.  LACC educates, develops and inspires musically talented children to attain the highest level of choral artistry.  Serving more than 400 children from 50 communities throughout the Los Angeles area, the membership reflects children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

Your program is engaging work for all ages and showcases the amazing talents of young artists, many of whom will become the future patrons, advocates and performers of opera and classical music.  Best wishes for success on this auspicious occasion.

Download PDF: Los Angeles Childrens Chorus Gala Bel Canto