May 6, 2024: Proclamation - National Bike Month


Whereas, the bicycle is an economically and environmentally sustainable mode of transportation, an excellent form of recreation, and an effective means to conserve energy and improve the livability of communities; and

Whereas, bicycling has a great potential to have a positive impact on the local economy and tourism industry, and to stimulate economic development by making the region attractive to businesses and persons who support healthy lifestyles and a full range of transportation choices; and

Whereas, electric bicycle availability and use has increased dramatically, making bicycling an even more viable  transportation option and which the City of Pasadena is invested in promoting through new and forthcoming bicycle projects and programs; and

Whereas, creating bicycle-friendly communities has been shown to improve residents’ health, wellbeing, and quality of  life, boost community spirit, improve traffic safety, expand transportation options, and reduce air pollution and  street congestion, and is an integral part of the multi-modal transportation system planned by federal, state,  regional, and local transportation government agencies; and

Whereas, the City of Pasadena and its Department of Transportation, Day One, the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition, Active San Gabriel Valley, bicycle clubs, schools, employers, and many public and private groups and individuals in Pasadena and across the nation are promoting bicycling during the month of May;

Now, Therefore I, Victor M. Gordo, Mayor of the City of Pasadena, on behalf of the City Council do hereby proclaim May 16, 2024  as Pasadena Bike to Work Day, and the month of May, 2024 in Pasadena as National Bike Month and encourage all who are interested in bicycling to participate in the events planned, and urge all road users to safely share the road with people on bikes.

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