November 22, 2021: Mayor's Statement - Iran Moreno

November 22, 2021

Dear City of Pasadena:

This past Saturday evening, our Pasadena community suffered a horrific tragedy—the killing of 13 year-old Iran Moreno. Iran was sitting inside his home with his family, playing video games in his bedroom, when he was killed by a gunman who fired shots outside his home.

There are no words that can fully do justice to truly express our feelings and thoughts for the Moreno family, and for our larger pain as a community for yet another senseless loss. As a father, I cannot fathom the unbearable anguish that Iran’s parents are going through at this moment and the pain that they will live with for the rest of their lives. We as a community must all come together to embrace his family, friends and neighbors. We also recognize the efforts of the first responders who did all they could to save Iran’s life.

Those who committed this heinous act must be brought swiftly to justice, and I am calling upon those responsible to turn themselves in now. I also am pleading with members of our community to share any information they may have—no matter how small—with law enforcement. Our community must not stand for violence and, while seeking justice for their son can never take away the hole in their hearts, we pray it will bring some sense of relief for the Moreno family.

With the death of Iran on Saturday night, and with other acts of violence in recent months in our community, I recognize that there is fear, frustration and anger.  There is no one answer to addressing these tragedies - it will take a comprehensive collective effort with every one of us working together.  Know that as your Mayor I will work tirelessly with my colleagues to offer support, resources, partnerships and any other services that will help our community.  Know, too, that we will leave nothing behind to bring these perpetrators to justice.

We cannot allow those who seek to do harm to our community to overshadow the goodness in our hearts. As your Mayor, I am asking all of us, from East Pasadena to the Rose Bowl; from south of the freeway to the Northwest, to come together as we have during the pandemic, to show unity, compassion and kindness during this difficult time. We are one Pasadena family.




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