October 2, 2023: Proclamation - Domestic Violence Awareness Month


Whereas nearly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in our country have suffered physical violence by an intimate partner, and domestic violence impacts people of every age, ethnicity, nationality, economic status, and belief; and

Whereas victims of domestic violence are deprived of autonomy and security, face threats to their health and safety and, in many instances, find themselves left with significant financial insecurity; and

Whereas crimes like domestic violence inhibit our community from reaching its fullest potential and, although great progress in bringing awareness to and providing protections against domestic violence has been made, much work remains; and

Whereas the Pasadena City Prosecutor’s Office has re-doubled its efforts to address disturbing statistics regarding domestic violence, advocates for tougher sentences on domestic violence cases, and partners with the Pasadena Police Department and local domestic violence service providers such as Shepherd’s Door to ensure that victims of domestic violence do not experience further harassment or abuse; and

Whereas the City reaffirms its dedication to providing a community where no one suffers the pain and hardship caused by domestic violence, and recognizes the advocates, victim service providers and organizations who work tirelessly to prevent domestic violence and extend hope and healing to survivors and victims of domestic violence;

Now, Therefore I, Victor M. Gordo, Mayor of the City of Pasadena, on behalf of the City Council, do hereby proclaim October, 2023 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month urging that we rededicate ourselves to upholding the basic human right to be free from violence and abuse.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Domestic Violence Awareness Month