October 2, 2023: Proclamation - Pink Strong Month


Whereas breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States, and everyone is at risk for breast cancer even if they have no family history of the disease; and

Whereas the Pasadena Police Department and the Pasadena Police Officers Association stand with their families and friends, and recognize all who have joined their loved ones in fighting their battle, as well as the advocates, researchers and health care providers giving hope to those living with breast cancer; and

Whereas in support of the many women, and men, battling breast cancer, the survivors, and the people who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, Pasadena’s Police Officers are proud to be “Pink Strong”, wearing uniform shirts with a Pink Patch to bring awareness to breast cancer, breast cancer research, and most importantly, prevention; and

Whereas the City of Pasadena supports efforts such as this that promote education, research, and other means to improve the health, well being and quality of life of its citizens, employees and guests, and money raised will go to the City of Hope, and we encourage the citizens, employees and guests of the City to wear pink throughout October in support of this campaign;

Now, Therefore I, Victor M. Gordo, Mayor of the City of Pasadena, on behalf of the City Council, do hereby proclaim October, 2023 in Pasadena as Pink Strong Month.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Pink Strong Month