May 6, 2024: Proclamation - Older Americans Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, it is important to acknowledge the contributions older individuals have made in our communities and in the workplace to the economic well-being of our nation through civic leadership and mentoring; and Whereas,  our expanding elder population profoundly impacts every facet of our lives, redefining our ideas of work, retirement and leisure, altering our housing and living arrangements, challenging our healthcare  systems, reshaping our economy, and altering social and public policy; and Whereas, the opportunities and challenges that await... continue reading »"May 6, 2024: Proclamation - Older Americans Month"

Proclamation: May 6, 2024 - Anne Frank Day

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager who, along with her family, was forced into hiding from 1942-1944 during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands during World War II (WWII); and Whereas, chronicling her experiences while in hiding, Anne Frank’s diary was published in 1947, two years after her death in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and since its publication, The Diary of A Young Girl aka The Diary of Anne Frank has been translated into 70 languages, inspired plays, films... continue reading »"Proclamation: May 6, 2024 - Anne Frank Day"

May 2, 2024: Proclamation - Day of Interfaith Prayer

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, a nationally recognized Day of Prayer came into existence even before the founding of the United States of America, when the continental Congress declared a day of prayer in 1775; and Whereas, Congress codified this tradition in 1952 and later, in 1988, designated the first Thursday of May each year as the National Day of Prayer; and Whereas, millions of Americans will answer the call to prayer—on the 72nd annual National Day of Prayer this  year—by joining observances... continue reading »"May 2, 2024: Proclamation - Day of Interfaith Prayer"

May 1, 2024: Proclamation - Mental Health Awareness Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and wellbeing, and addressing the mental health needs in Pasadena of children, youth, adults, seniors, and families is fundamental to having a healthy community; and Whereas, all people experience times of difficulty and stress in their lives and, with the prevalence of mental health conditions in our nation, it is important for all members of the community to know that specific tools exist which can be used to better handle... continue reading »"May 1, 2024: Proclamation - Mental Health Awareness Month"

April 30, 2024: Proclamation - National Therapy Animal Day

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, since 1977, Pet Partners has been a driving force behind scientific research which has proven that interacting with therapy animals offers various health benefits including stress reduction, relief  from depression, and improvements in heart rate, blood pressure, and immune system strength; and Whereas, there are thousands of Pet Partners therapy animal teams serving in communities across the United States, and these exceptional therapy animals—alongside their human companions—provide comfort and healing to those in need; and Whereas, in Pasadena,... continue reading »"April 30, 2024: Proclamation - National Therapy Animal Day"

April 15, 2024: Proclamation - Arbor Day

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, established in 1872, Arbor Day encourages the planting of trees in urban and wildland areas to protect, renew and manage our trees and forests, and to encourage a healthy ecosystem; and Whereas, for the 34th consecutive year, the National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized Pasadena as a Tree City USA designee and has awarded to Pasadena for the 24th year a Growth Award for excellence in  promoting urban forestry programs; and Whereas, Pasadena is committed to trees as... continue reading »"April 15, 2024: Proclamation - Arbor Day"

April 15, 2024: Proclamation - Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, on April 24, 1915, the Turkish Government perpetrated against Armenian people what is commonly referred to as the first genocide of the twentieth century, which continued until 1923 and resulted in the death of 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children; and Whereas, since memories fade with time, it is important to remind ourselves about human tragedies that have taken place; and Whereas, those who survived the Armenian genocide and their successors have had to work hard to... continue reading »"April 15, 2024: Proclamation - Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide"

April 8, 2024: Proclamation - Donate Life Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, the act of donating an organ, tissue, marrow, or blood is recognized worldwide as an expression of compassion to those in need; a single individual’s organ donation can save up to eight lives, and a  single blood donation can help three people in need; and Whereas, at this time, more than 20,000 individuals in California and more than 100,000 individuals nationwide are on the national organ transplant waiting list; on average, 17 people die every day while waiting... continue reading »"April 8, 2024: Proclamation - Donate Life Month"

April 8, 2024: Proclamation - Black Maternal Health Week

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, despite having one of the most advanced health systems in the world, the United States has the highest pregnancy-related death rate among developed nations; Black pregnant people in America are nearly three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than white pregnant people; and 4 out of every 5 pregnancy-related deaths are considered preventable; and Whereas, established in 2018, Black Maternal Health Week is a week of awareness, activism, and community-building aimed to amplify the voices of... continue reading »"April 8, 2024: Proclamation - Black Maternal Health Week"

April 8, 2024: Proclamation - Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Month

PROCLAMATION: Whereas, sexual assault affects people of every age, race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, and socioeconomic background; and the CDC reports in its National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey that in the United States, one in five women has been a victim of a completed or attempted rape at some point in her lifetime; and Whereas, the Commission on the Status of Women is mindful of the fact that sexual assault remains a serious issue... continue reading »"April 8, 2024: Proclamation - Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Month"