September 8, 2019: National Suicide Prevention Week


  • Whereas suicide is a national and statewide public mental health problem which occurs among all age groups and across all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds, is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, and the only leading cause of death in this country that has increased every year for the past decade; and
  • Whereas in the United States, over 47,000 people die by suicide each year—and several thousand friends and family members are changed forever by losing those people; and
  • Whereas the stigma associated with mental illness and suicidality works against suicide prevention by discouraging persons at risk for suicide from seeking life-saving help and further traumatizes survivors of suicide; and
  • Whereas suicide is preventable, and it is appropriate for a week to be set aside each year to dedicate our thoughts to improving the mental health of all Pasadena residents and raising awareness about suicide;
  • Now, Therefore I, Terry Tornek, Mayor of the City of Pasadena, on behalf of the City Council, do hereby proclaim September 8-14, 2019 in Pasadena as National Suicide Prevention Week, as as addressing the mental health needs in Pasadena of seniors, adults, youth, children, and families is fundamental to having a healthy community.

Download PDF: National Suicide Prevention Week