MEASURE H - Rent Control Charter Amendment

City Charter Amendment Background

On December 12, 2022, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 9970, certifying the November 8, 2022 General Election results showing that Measure H – the Pasadena Charter Amendment Initiative Petition Measure Imposing Rent Control, was deemed approved by voters. The Charter Amendment was subsequently filed with the California Secretary of State and took effect on December 22, 2022.

The City has been served with a lawsuit which challenges the validity of Measure H. The City is required to continue implementing Measure H until and unless a court directs the city to stop doing so. There is presently no timeline for when the lawsuit will conclude.

City Charter, Article XVIII – Rent Control

Measure H Implementation

Measure H assigns powers and duties to administer and enforce the provisions of the Charter Amendment to the Pasadena Rental Housing Board.  Measure H states that Rental Board, “shall exercise its powers and duties under this Article independent from the City Council, City Manager, and City Attorney, except by request of the Rental Board.”  As required by Measure H, City Staff is making preparations to organize and establish the Pasadena Rental Housing Board, as that is the body responsible for the implementation of the measure.

The City’s implementation of Measure H is limited to the establishment of the Rental Housing BoardCity staff is not empowered by the Measure to act as the Rental Board in the interim period.  In fact, for City staff to act as the Rental Housing Board would be inconsistent with the clear instructions of the Measure as stated above.   Once the Rental Board is formed, the Rental Housing Board will interpret and implement the specific actions required under Measure H.

Rental Housing Board Responsibilities

The powers and duties of the Rental Housing Board are delineated in Section 1811(e) of the newly adopted Charter Amendment. Among other things, the future Pasadena Rental Housing Board will have the authority to establish rent increases, produce written notices and publish forms for noticing to current and prospective tenants, establish and maintain a rental registry, establish rules and regulations related to rent control, and enforcement of the Charter Amendment.

While the City is responsible for establishing a process to appoint the Rental Housing Board, once appointed the Rental Housing Board will be responsible for fulfilling the powers and duties prescribed in the Charter Amendment. The City cannot provide legal advice, interpret the amendment, or fulfil those duties assigned to the Rental Housing Board.

Section 1811(e) Pasadena Rental Housing Board - Powers and Duties

Rental Housing Board Application & Appointment Process

The City Charter Section 1811 requires the City Clerk to provide forms and to accept applications on behalf of the City Council for appointment to the Pasadena Rental Housing Board. For more information about the proposed process and draft set of appointment rules, visit the Pasadena Rental Housing Board Application & Appointment webpage.

Measure H Comments