Juan Boyd

Ambassador Alumni Juan Boyd

Juan Boyd was involved in the ambassador program from 2009-2010. After he left the ambassador program, Juan attended the University of Missouri where he studied Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. While there, he joined a business marketing fraternity and founded a cultural fraternity.

Upon graduation, Juan returned to California and worked in a variety of industries including the Hospitality, Communications, and Finance Industries. For the last 3 years he have been working at a Commercial Insurance brokerage helping clients assess their business risk and finding solutions for them. Given that he specializes in Healthcare Casualty and Property Insurance lines, the last year has been a challenge. However, Juan has worked diligently to guide his clients through troubling times and helped minimize the impact that the pandemic has had on their business. He has learned a lot over the course of the last year and is now looking forward to new opportunities in the near future.

Juan would advise any and all new ambassadors to just try new things. By trying new things, you can find out what you're interested in and explore it thoroughly. In the last decade, he has met people working jobs and careers that didn't exist 15 years ago and they built the skillset over time because they were simply interested in it. So, he says to just try a few hobbies or learn new skills and you may be able to turn it into a career in the future. We're all going to fail at some point so just go for it. The sooner you find the things you don't like or will fail at, the sooner you can find what you excel in and what aligns with your spirit.

"I am human, I consider nothing that is human alien to me" - Publius Terentius Afer, a Roman African Playwright