Liana Moore

My name is Liana Moore, I am 21 years old, an alum from the Pasadena Youth Ambassador Program, and Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles, Class of 2020.  I studied Business Management and Marketing and currently spending time with my family. I plan to become an entrepreneur in the future or work for a non-profit organization for people with disabilities.

I was in the Pasadena Youth Ambassador Program throughout my high school year, and I enjoyed every single moment. Meeting new people, working a variety of events, and serving the homeless has helped me so much. The program allowed me to be an individual and taught me how to network with others. Also, I have gained new friends through the program in whom I still keep in touch with until this day. However, the most significant thing the program has taught me is not to take anything for granted and make yourself known. I appreciate the time I had and thank Lola and all other staff involved with making my time a pleasant one.

The quote I live by and share with you all is my own.  “Where there is sadness, there is happiness, when there is darkness there is light, when you are lost you will be found, remember be strong”-Liana Moore